Brüno Sacha Baron Cohen's Monster Truck

Outfit yourself like a hero at the next prop auction

Premiere Props is hosting the Hollywood Famous Movie Props and Costumes Auction in El Segundo, Calif., on April 4. This movie prop auction presents collectible items from feature films, including classic Hollywood favorites and current major blockbuster hits. Movie fans as well as collectors are sure to find something amazing to take home. For those who are unable to attend this event in person, the lots are conveniently available on

Brüno Sacha Baron Cohen's Monster Truck (Lot #90)
This auction features the custom​-made 1989 monster Truck driven by Sasha Baron Cohen in the movie "Bruno". This giant vehicle is equipped with oversized tires that carry you through the air 10 feet off the ground! This is an unusual and exciting auction piece that should not be missed. Winners will even get a mystery prize and the visors autographed by Cohen himself! Although this impressive truck isn't permitted to drive on city streets due to it's height and numerous modifications, it is still an amazing collectible item.

Movie 43 "Super Hero Speed Dating" costumes
Get your chance to bid on five super hero costumes from "Movie 43", the outrageous comedy from 2013 that featured nearly 20 A-list actors. The costumes up for auction are the Fake Supergirl Costume (Lot #406) worn by Kristin Bell, Fake Wonder Woman (Lot #405) worn by actress Leslie Bibb, Fake Batman (Lot #404) worn by Jason Sudekis, Fake Superman (Lot #407) worn by Bobby Cannavale and Fake Riddler (Lot #408) worn by Will Carlough. Don't miss this set of costumes you can use to stage your own superhero scene!

Collectible and prop swords
If you are growing your collection or are just starting out, this auction is a great place to begin. Swords from popular action adventure films "Lord of the Rings", "Underworld: Evolution" and "Immortals" are being auctioned at this event, so don't miss it. Bid on a "Lord of the Rings" actor's off-camera practice sword (Lot #274). It has a hard foam hilt and handle with fabric-wrapped grip. This piece is approximately 44 inches long and 6 inches wide at its hand guard. The metal sword hilt with cut-off blade from "Underworld" (Lot # 7) is approximately 16 inches long and is a unique item. The Heraklion Soldier screen-used sword was used in the film "Immortals" (Lot #233) and is hard grey and gold-tinted rubber with an intricate design on the blade. The whole piece measures approximately 35 inches long.

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