Navajo Watch Bracelet with Silver Dollar

Native American Art And Tribal Artifacts Up For Auction This Month on is hosting the next live auction from Helm Auctions on Saturday, March 21st, 2015. This auction consists of a collection of Native American baskets and bead work, jewelry, kachinas, pottery, weavings, and some Pre-Columbian artifacts. Also included are some Chinese and other Pacific Rim artifacts. There are Prehistoric items including stone artifacts such as arrowheads, axes, and knives. There is also a large collection of masks and edged weapons. There is something for everyone in this auction and absentee bidding is open now and available with a secure registration on

Craig Helm has been collecting Indian Artifacts all his life. He grew up in Minnesota and was raised on tales told by his father of the Arapaho, Chippewa and Dakota Indians of the region. In 1994, Craig decided to follow his dream dealing as a broker of Indian artifacts and since has been doing estate sales, appraisals as well as auctions. Since Craig met his partner Diane, who helped him to join the 21st century and move to online live auctions. The couple also maintains dealer spaces in antique malls in Ocean and Solana Beaches in Southern California.

Highlights of this great auction show up throughout the online catalog. Lot 95 is a great find for collectors of moccasins. This is a pair of early Cheyenne beaded moccasins made from deerhide, made circa 1870 to 1880. They have butterscotch and white heart beads. They measure 9 by 4 by 3 inches and are in very good condition. Collectors can jump into the auction with an opening bid of $400 through, and this is estimated to sell to the highest bidder in the range of $600 to $1000.

A notable historic rifle comes up for auction later in the sale at Lot 132. This Indian Wars Springfield Carbine Rifle is from the Indian Wars. The rifle is dated 1873 with a serial number of 2225814, US Army. This is a 45/70 and the cartridges for this rifle carried 55 grains of powder. Over all measurements are 40 by 2 ½ inches and the rifle is in over all good condition in light of the age and history. A fully array of photos and a detailed description are available for viewing in the online catalog.

Helm Auctions is opening up the live bidding starting at 12:15 PM Pacific Time from El Cajon, California. Bidders in the area are welcome to contact the auction house for viewing of any of the material up for sale. Bidding live online is simple and secure using the best bidding platform in the industry from The Live Auction Group, via Bidders can join using their existing account, or set up a new one with an email address, or Facebook and Google Plus accounts.