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A Fine Collection of Hand Signed Artworks from Artists Such as Picasso and Warhol Up For Auction

Art and Design Decorative Arts are excited to announce their upcoming auction on, taking place on July 17th, 2014. This event will be open for live internet bidding to a worldwide audience of bidders, coming from Zurich, Switzerland. There will be a fine collection of hand signed artworks from artists such as Picasso, Warhol, Chagall, Tobey, Miro, Dali, and Matisse. Also, there is a rare collection of books and material up for auction from a famous collection. This auction will be using leading edge bidding technology powered by The Live Auction group.

Spokespeople for the auction say this about the sale: “In our Contemporary & Classical Art Auction, Art and Design Decorative Arts presents a wonderful and rare collection of exquisite signed original lithograph and prints by many famous artists, such as Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali, Marc Chagall, and many more. As long time specialists in graphical artworks we present a rare collection of graphics from exquisite and rare signed catalogs, books, folders, and suits, which were part of the estate of a famous collection”.

This auction is filled with many notable pieces. The auction starts off very strong as Lot 1 is a beautiful print from Andy Warhol. This is a signed special print of a skull and dated 1986 and is from a signed VIP catalog. Andy Warhol put his signature on the print in a lovely silver pen and the print is 20.5cm x 18.5cm. After Warhol was shot and critically injured in 1968, Warhol became even more obsessed with the theme of death than he had been previously. The skull, a traditional symbol of mortality, is repeated six times, with the impenetrable darkness of the hollow eye sockets echoed in each image. The shadow cast by the skull resembles a baby’s profile, although whether this was intentional is unknown as Warhol did not take the photograph that the screen print is based on. It seems unlikely, however, that this effective combination of both life and death would escape Warhol’s sharp gaze. In contrast to the sinister subject, the colours are vibrant. Perhaps Warhol is attempting to acknowledge that death is not something to be feared but instead, should be accepted as part of life. This print comes with an excellent provenance from a private collector in Zurich and is sure to attract a significant amount of attention. Leave your bids before the auction at or be sure to join the live auction early.

Another standout piece comes at Lot 13. A Pablo Picasso hand signed linocut, “Faunes et Chevre” (Fauns and Goat), from 1962 will be sure to entice the senses. This is signed and numbered in pencil by the artist, and is 32cm x 37cm. Sometime in Picasso’s life he is quoted here as having said, “When I paint I feel that all artists of the past are behind me.” That is a highly self confident and perhaps arrogant statement to make. There is often playfulness to his work as well as more vivid color. There is a series of three paintings from 1959, Bacchanale avec chevreau et spectateur, Bacchanale a l’acrobate, and Faunes et chevre that herald this change. This piece boasts a prestigious provenance through Gallery Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler.

Art and Design Decorative Arts also collect and will offer art works derived from rare, partially signed books and catalogs given to the artists by friends, art collectors, galleries, museums, or given by the artist to special visitors during art exhibitions. These VIP books have never been sold before.

This prestigious collection of works will attract a worldwide audience of bidders and everyone is encouraged to register for the auction early and get ready to be a part of this fine auction event. The event starts live at 8 PM local time in Zurich, Switzerland and 11AM Pacific time in North America, via industry leading online auction website, Art and Design Decorative Arts look forward to joining everyone in adding great and valuable pieces to their personal collections.

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