An art auction will feature signed prints from a number of esteemed artists.

Illinois Auction to Feature Art, Statues and Signed Originals

An art auction will take place in Wheeling, Illinois, this Friday, July 18, that will feature a magnificent collection of art ranging from statues and paintings to signed prints and originals. The work will include a great deal of contemporary art from across a broad spectrum of genres. Of particular interest will be a signed piece by esteemed sports artist LeRoy Neiman, a signed Mel Hunter print, and a poster signed by Archie Lieberman. As always, you need not be in the Midwest to bid on the next piece for your collection. Simply log on to to get in on the action.

1) LeRoy Nieman signed "Funny Cide" Print (lot # 100001)
LeRoy Nieman was one of few artists to be widely celebrated and recognized for his work while he was still alive. Nieman, who died in 2012, became famous for his extravagant and brightly colored expressionist paintings of famous happenings in the world of sports. Here, we have a signed print of his piece entitled "Funny Cide." The print shows Funny Cide, a horse, coming down the inside lane of the track en route to winning the Kentucky Derby. One of a set of 350, this print is in excellent condition, has never been mounted, and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

2) Mel Hunter signed "Locomotive" print (lot # 100010)
Here we have a signed 1972 print of Mel Hunter's famous piece entitled "Locomotive. "Hunter was a twentieth century American illustrator who also enjoyed a very fruitful career making illustrations for science fiction stories. Hunter passed away in 2004. This print, signed by the artist, shows a beautiful rendering of a locomotive stopped momentarily in a snowstorm, waiting for the weather to pass. It is signed simply and lightly in pencil in the lower corner. This print measures 22-by-30 inches and is in wonderful condition for display.

3) Archie Lieberman signed poster "Farm Boy – Wedding" (lot # 100012)
Archie Lieberman was one of the most celebrated American photographers of all time, producing a body of work that remains very relevant in the photography community today. Here is a signed poster of one of his most famous pieces, "Farm Boy – Wedding," which was taken on the farm of Janet Hammer, whom Lieberman first met after being assigned to photograph her as the winner of a sewing competition. The farm was in Scales Mound, Illinois, several hours Northwest of Lieberman's Evanston, Illinois, home. This poster is signed by Lieberman and is an excellent addition to the collection of any photography enthusiast.