House of Treasures Presents a Selection of Coins on March 17th is hosting a great selection of US and World Coins from Virginia auctioneer, House of Treasures. Carefully selected pieces are up for bidding until the auction closes on March 17th, 2017. High bidder takes home their treasure as all start prices will meet reserves. This is a timed auction that accepts bids right up until 11 PM Pacific Time.

Lot 2 is an early highlight with a group of 1,2, and10 peso notes from the Philippines. This includes a 1 peso note from 1949, an 2 peso note from 1922, and a great 10 peso note from 1949. These notes sell as a group for one price, with bidding opening at only $85. There are front and back photos available in the online catalog.
Lot 4 presents a Straights Settlements 1907 Silver Dollar by the British Empire. This is estimated in value as much as $510 and opens for only $85. There is a high quality photo available for viewing online.

At Lot number 6 is a very interesting collection of paper money. These are 11 Japanese military payments. Bidders can own a piece of history, and they hold their value for resale over the long term. Included in these eleven notes at 2 one yen, 5 10 sen, and 5 50 sen denominations. All of them come with one price to the winning bidder.

House of Treasures are presenting a great series of auctions throughout the month of March. This one is a great highlight of coins and paper money and has a full array of photos for inspections. With low opening bids and guaranteed sale to the winner, this is certainly the kind of auction that sees a complete sell through. Registration is simple and bid can be places any time up until the closing time at 11PM Pacific Time on March 17th, 2017. The auctioneer will be happy to answer any questions via email or telephone accessible in the online catalog.

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