Plenty of antique pottery will be up for sale for this European and Asian art auction.

Add some European and Asian antique art to your collection

Eclectic pottery, finely carved sculptures and rare porcelain dinnerware are just a few ways to add some feng shui to your collection with this exclusive art auction. On June 3, Greater London Auctions will be offering a chance to bid on some exotic and vibrant foreign art pieces in Houston. As always, iCollector will be allowing online users to get in on the bidding action, so do not miss out on this incredible opportunity to expand your artistic assemblage and impress your family and friends.

Aztec 14​ karat Gold Ring (Lot #97) 
Here is your chance to own a distinctive and dazzling 14 karat gold ring that is styled with an Aztec-influenced emblem on the front. The ring is a size seven, weighs approximately nine grams and will catch the eye of any jewelry aficionado. The Aztec people are renowned for their innovate gemstone designs, and with this little slice of history and elegance, the ring will dazzle in opulence and boost your collection's credibility.

Indian Brass Statue of Ganesh (Lot #30) 
Adding a portrait of this famous Hindu god can not only supply some good karma to your living room, but provide some cultural aesthetic to your art collection as well. This 11-inch brass statue features the god Ganesha balancing on a platform and would look great atop a living room mantle. Ganesha was known for his ability to remove obstacles, so this statue will surely bring some positive vibrations to your home.

Chinese Cloisonne Square Form Vase  (Lot #13)
A stunning array of vibrant colors meshed into an authentic Chinese design, this cloisonne square vase is bursting with beauty and energy. Cloisonne is a decorating technique established by Chinese metalwork decorators as early as the Ming Dynasty period. Art enthusiasts will appreciate the alluring qualities and contagious vivacity provided by this ancient piece of pottery, and placing the winning bid on this vase will be sure to pack some pride for any art owner. 

Chinese Famille Rose Jardinere & Underplate (Lot #1)
Pottery doesn't get any more marvelous than this hand-crafted Chinese bowl, ideal for anyone looking to improve upon their antique collection. The porcelain dish features a colorful design of two robins perched on a tree branch and has a 7-inch width that can be proudly displayed within all quarters of your home.