Smith & Wesson .45 Colt Revolver

Firearms and fine art available for this eclectic auction

Whether you are a painting connoisseur looking to add on to your art collection or you are searching for a vintage pistol to fit in nicely with your gun rack, Rivers West Auction LLC is holding an exclusive opportunity for auction enthusiasts to get involved in all the bidding fun. The event is happening on May 17 in Ronan, Montana, and with an assemblage of everything from relic Smith & Wessons and breathtaking portraits of Montana wildlife to a variety of recreational sport tables, this is certainly an auction molded for the masses. If you are unavailable to attend the arts and gun auction in person, iCollector will be covering all the action live so you will still get a chance to make that purchase you have been waiting for!

Marvel Shuffleboard Table (Lot #76)
This Marvel Shuffleboard Table is an ode to the glory days of shuffleboard and comes complete with a coin-operated slot machine that lights up with the score with every toss of the biscuit. It is perfect for families looking to indulge in a rousing game or collectors looking to add another vintage gaming table to their ​repertoir.

Original Oil Ron Jenkins "Grizzly in Glacier Park" (Lot #62) 
Nothing says Montana more than a stunning portrait of a grizzly bear in Glacier Park, ideal for hanging above a cozy fireplace or tying the living room together. Oil painter Ron Jenkins captures the essence of nature in Glacier Park, which is one of the most renown outdoor national parks in the world, with his portrayal of a grizzly bear resting prudently on top of a snowy mountain glacier overlooking the forests below. A must-have for any art aficionados, this is one piece of work to keep an eye on.

Smith & Wesson .45 Colt Revolver (Lot #19) 
For centuries, Smith & Wesson has been a respected manufacturer of some of the most sought-after pistols on the market, making quality weapons since the mid 19th century. This Smith & Wesson .45 Colt Revolver is just another example of the craftsmanship that comes standard with every gun the company procudes. Holding this handy glock will make any punk feel lucky, but act quickly because this item will not stay available on the market for long.

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