Fine art auction features contemporary paintings and prints

Jack Arnold Fine Art is hosting an art auction on Feb. 21 that will feature the work of contemporary masters. The auction includes signed prints by famous artists such as Salvador Dali, Keith Haring and Richard Lindner​, as well as original paintings and drawings by Jan De Ruth, Bracha Guy, and Kamil Kubik. Art collectors can browse all 200 lots and place absentee bids online at

Original Work
The lot expected to fetch the highest sale price is an original signed oil-on-board painting by artist Jan De Ruth. Originally from Czechoslovakia, De Ruth escaped from the concentration camps of World War II to become a highly respected painter of the human figure. His painting, "Clown," is an expressionist portrait of a clown with a cigarette in his mouth, displaying a lighter, more humorous side of the painter (lot #778G). The 9-by-12-inch painting is from the artist's personal collection and represents a bit of a departure from his traditional subject matter.

Also available at the auction is a large 30-by-40-inch oil painting by Israeli artist Bracha Guy (lot #770). The painting, titled "Still Life with Pears," is a frenetic, colorful canvas that exhibits a lot of energy and movement. Guy has been hailed for her creative use of color and form that add excitement and surprise to still life painting. This â€‹work is a great example of her postmodern expressionist style.

Kamil Kubik, another Czechoslovakian transplant to the United States, gained notoriety for his impressionist cityscapes. One such cityscape will be hitting the block at this auction. The signed pastel drawing is titled "Rodeo Drive" and presents the famous Beverly Hills locale in expressive strokes of bright colors (lot #764B). Kubik's work has adorned the covers of many notable publications and is included in the private collections of many world leaders such as President George Bush, Mayor Rudolph Giulianni, Prince Rainer of Monaco and Queen Elizabeth II of England. 

Many signed prints will also be available at this auction. Keith Haring's "Global Man" (lot #777A), "Red and Yellow Bunny" (lot #777B) and "Black and Yellow Bunny" (lot #777C) serigraphs are fine examples of Haring's graphic style and creative use of line. A signed mixed media print by famous surrealist Salvador Dali titled "The Flowered Horseman" is a unique piece by the popular painter (lot #808). In addition, the brightly colored abstract portraits of Richard Lindner make a great addition to any postmodern portraiture collection (lot #780, 781, 880).

Visit iCollector for a full listing of all 200 lots available at this auction.

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