Contemporary & Classical Art Auction to occur in Zurich

An art auction featuring nearly 200 lots of classical and contemporary art will take place this Thursday, July 10​, in Zurich, Switzerland. Among the pieces being auctioned off will be signed prints of work by artists such as Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali. Many of these signed prints are non-traditional in that they have been collected from VIP books, catalogs or other personally given collections. As always, bidders' interested in expanding their collections of fine art need not be located in Switzerland. Log on to in order to view all 199 lots and bid upon your favorites.

Signed Andy Warhol print (lot #6)
Perhaps no single artist left as distinct a mark on the pop art movement as Andy Warhol. His contributions to the world of art during the 1960s perfectly embody many facets of the time period, such as the consumer-product relationship made prevalent through his re-imaginings of advertising. This signed print is taken from a VIP catalog first published in 1986 and depicts one of his more famous works, entitled "Dollar Sign." The print measures 8.3-by-6.5 inches and would make a wonderful addition to the collection of any contemporary art enthusiast. The bidding on this item will start at $50.

Signed Pablo Picasso print (lot #8)
Revered as one of the greatest artists of all time, Pablo Picasso was a master of surrealism and cubism, perhaps most famously known for his piece "Guernica". Picasso was born in Spain but spent most of his life producing art in France. This signed print is taken from a signed VIP book that was published in 1947, just 16 years before his death in 1963. The print itself is of the piece "Card Player," which boldly exhibits Picasso's cubism. The bidding for this item will begin at $300.

Signed Salvador Dali Woodcut (lot #11)
Born in Figueres, Spain, Salvador Dali is one of the most well-known surrealist artists of all time. His works challenged conventional boundaries of perception and understanding. Perhaps most famously, he created both "The Persistence of Memory" and "Swans Reflecting Elephants". This woodcut, taken from a series based around "The Divine Comedy," will feature not only the art, signed in pencil, but also a certificate of authenticity as well as the appropriate text taken from the "Divinia Comedia." This piece measures 13-by-10.2 inches and the bidding for this lot will begin at $450.

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