Classic science fiction collectibles highlight Christmas Eve auction

An eclectic collection of items – ranging from modern art to Star Trek and Star Wars memorabilia – will be up for bid on Christmas Eve day at Universal Live in Wheeling, Ill.

This is one auction that is surely not to be missed. Nearly every kind of appreciator and collector will be able to find something in this 242-lot inventory to fit their fancy, whether their tastes run to traditional forms of art by some of the greatest masters of the 20th century, gorgeous jewelry or classics of the science fiction genre. But if Wheeling isn't easily accessible, will be offering an accompanying online auction so that bidders don't miss out finding that perfect last-minute Christmas gift.

Collectibles auction
While the argument over whether Star Trek or Star Wars is the better sci-fi series of all time may be going on for years to come, on Dec. 24 bidders won't have to make that distinction. With dozens of items from both available, fans can take home a cross-section of the notable collectibles.

For Trekkies, there will be several framed, autographed pieces of memorabilia from which to choose. Included among those is a print from "Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country" that is signed by the cast, most of whom formed the core of "Star Trek: The Original Series" (lot #830174); a framed, cast-signed photo from "Star Trek: First Contact," the cast of which was comprised of all the great characters from "Next Generation" (lot #830230); and three Star Trek collector's items – a phaser, watch and wall clock – all in their original boxes and in mint condition (lot #830179).

Not to be outdone, there will be plenty of Star Wars movie memorabilia for sale as well come Christmas Eve day. The highlight of the lots from that classic movie series is photo plaque from "The Empire Strikes Back" that is signed by its subject, Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill (lot #830199).

Art and jewelry auction
While sci-fi collectibles will headline the auction, there will be plenty of pieces of breathtaking art and jewelry on the block as well. Marc Chagall lithographs, as well as a collection of silver ingots representing his famous stained glass Jerusalem windows (lot #830171) will certainly draw the eye of art aficionados. And a sterling silver aquamarine gemstone bracelet is just one of the many beautiful pieces of decorative accessories that would make a great holiday present for a loved one.

Any of these items and more can be had at Universal Live in Wheeling, or on

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