Book and manuscript auction features many signed works

Rare book and manuscript collectors will be thrilled with the lots going to auction in Sun Valley, Calif., on Feb. 15. Black Sparrow Auctions will be hosting the event, which offers up truly unique pieces such as a signed copy of "The Lafayette Flying Corps", a signed, typed letter from Walt Disney and a copy of Carlo Mariani's "Appunti di Storia" signed by legendary car maker Enzo Ferrari. Included with these standout items are a collection of antique PUCK magazine illustrations signed by political cartoonist Frederick Opper, a signed photograph of Benito Mussolini and various other first-edition books and handwritten letters.

The Lafayette Flying Corps
The Lafayette Flying Corps began as a volunteer group of Americans who flew for the French during World War I. When the United States was still neutral, many pilots volunteered to go to France to fight the Germans. This group was known as the Lafayette Escadrille. Once the United States officially entered the war, the Escadrille became the Flying Corps and was reinforced with American soldiers. This two volume set up for auction compiles the history of this group of fighters. The books themselves are in great condition, while the original dustjackets and cardboard sleeves exhibit slight wear and tear. The volumes are signed by the two editors – Captain James Hall and Lieutenant Charles Nordhoff – as well as by five surviving members of the Corps. This set would make a great addition to any World War I memorabilia or aviation collection.

Signed letter from Walt Disney
Film history fans will have an opportunity to purchase a typed, signed letter from one of the most influential innovators of the 20th century. The letter, dated March 6, 1964, is on Disney's personal letterhead and is signed "Walt" in blue ink. It is addressed to Marjorie Davis and informs her that she will be receiving 75 shares of Walt Disney Productions stock. Disney built one of the largest and most powerful movie empires in the world through his pioneering of the animated film genre.

Signed copy of "Appunti di Storia"
This book by Carlo Mariani details the story of the Scuderia Ferrari Motor-Racing Team. Scuderia Ferrari is the Formula One racing division of the luxury commercial car manufacturer. This book, published in 1957, is one of less than 1,000 produced. Enzo Ferrari's signature is dated 1958, the year that Mike Hawthorn won the World Championship driving a Ferrari car.

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