Auction Technology Leader, Unveils latest bidding Platform

The Live Auction Group, leaders in auction technology for over 15 years, with the and marketplaces, are excited to announce our brand new bidding technology for the worldwide auction market. This effort marks a significant step in the growth of the business and for the long term success of all our auction clients. Over a year of consultation and development has been put into developing the absolute best bidding platform in the history of the industry.

On the technical side, this platform was developed using the latest available technology which comes as a natural evolution from the previous java and flash based platforms. With this new technology, more functionality can be developed and added over the long term as the auction industry continues to grow and change. Reliability and stability is at the pinnacle of importance when operating in the fast paced auction industry, and small auctions to the most valuable events can trust this platform completely. The feature list provides a full suite of tools for bidders and auctioneers as well as leading mobile technology to allow bidding from any smartphone or tablet device.

Auctioneers have been consulted in great detail, and the result is an exemplary auction administrator. This platform will run on Mac, PC, as well as tablets, and allow auctioneers to have access to features all in one place. Thorsten Bonn, CEO of The Live Auction Group, says “Running the bidding is a breeze with such features as auto loading, unlimited numbers of bidders, full item images, grouping, choice bidding, and high quality audio and video streams. The auctioneer can do anything they need to run a successful and high powered auction. We were able to develop every bidding feature needed by the auction industry into one simple package”.

The heart of the platform is the new and incredible bidder experience. Bidders can imagine being in an airport lounge, relaxing in a motorhome on vacation, or walking with family and being able to bid without missing the material they have always wanted. No longer do potential bidders have to seek out a computer or laptop ; the power of bidding is in their pocket in an instant. Simple touches on the screen can give the bidder the feel of being at the auction and breathe the excitement no matter where they are. The bidder screen has been enhanced with images, descriptions, easy to use bidding buttons, and simple logins through any browser. “We are releasing the best bidder platform in the industry and are excited at how much growth we can expect in our sales results. Auctioneers will be excited as they see their businesses grow, and bidders will be excited to be part of our auction. Over 30 percent of the traffic on our flagship websites is from mobile devices and now they can bid live. We are thrilled at the results our auction clients are going to see over the next year”, shares Dinesh Bali, Director of Sales.

The Live Auction Group expects more auctioneers to join and, as well as a significant increase in bidders. This is a major milestone in company history and positions the company as the industry leader in high powered auction and bidding technology. As summarized by Mr Bonn, “We are excited at this major moment in our history and invite every auctioneer and bidder worldwide to visit or and become part of our experience”.