Astounding collection of modern and classic movie memorabilia for sale

Premiere Props in Long Beach, Calif., is about to put on one of the most impressive movie memorabilia auctions any collector could hope to come across. Taking place simultaneously on, the two-day event will take place Nov. 23 and 24, and interested bidders should log on now to peruse this magnificent collection.

Iconic gems
One of the most famous movie scenes of all time comes early in "The Godfather," when Hollywood producer Jack Woltz awakes early one morning to find the severed head of his prize studhorse, Khartoum, in his bed. Now, lovers of the movie will have the opportunity to make an offer that can't be refused, and take the horse head prop (lot #12) that was used in the film home with them.

1983's "Yentl" is still considered by many to be the apex of Barbra Streisand's extraordinary career. Not only did she deliver a magnificent acting performance in the movie, it was also her directorial debut. That makes the one piece of formal wear she donned in the film, a fitted black jacket (lot #142), a true collector's item. And the Premiere Props memorabilia auction provides the only opportunity to take it home.

Action movie memorabilia for sale
Westerns hold a special place in the American imagination, having been a popular draw at the box office since the days of silent films. One of the most popular examples of the genre from recent years was the 2007 remake of the 1957 classic "3:10 to Yuma." Two items from the contemporary version – the pistol carried by villainous Ben Wade, played by Russell Crowe (lot #100), and protagonist Dan Evans' (Christian Bale) Spencer carbine rifle – will be among the highlights of the upcoming movie prop auction.

One of the many exceptional lots available in the first session of this Hollywood memorabilia auction will be a piece that is surely one of the most recognizable props in recent movie history. The mask worn by Bane in "The Dark Knight Rises" (lot #159), the 2012 culmination of writer/director Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy, will surely draw some of the most attention once the gavel rings in the auction's beginning.

Session 2
The second session of the Hollywood prop auction features items from the earlier days of the film industry, including a poster from 1935's "The Most Dangerous Game" (lot #727), and one of the two known copies of a poster advertising Alfred Hitchcock's 1960 masterpiece "Psycho" (lot #760). And iCollector's accompanying online auction is the only place outside of Long Beach where collectors can lay their hands on this exceptional inventory.

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