Antique and Ancient Artifact Collection Up For Auction on June 11th

The Pangaea Auctions “Ancient & Antique Collection” highlight works of the highest quality and importance ranging in historical periods, cultures, artistic styles and more. June 11th is an extravaganza for collectors in which they are listing over 600 items. This auction has enough variety to suit every collector. The vintage works range from Crystal Handmade Vases, Hand Carved Japanese Crystal Skull, 1905 Candelabras, WWII US Army Hat with Markings, 18th/19th Century Wood Carvings, Chinese Ceramic neck pillow, 19th Century sculptures, Antique Asian Bronzes, Antique Kris Dagger, and so much more! This is a unique opportunity to obtain such high quality and historic works for your own collection. The auction opens for live bidding on Saturday June 11th and absentee bids and registrations are open now.

Lot 1 opens with one of the rarest pieces in the auction. Presented proudly by the auctioneer is a rare African Bamum Tribal King chair from Cameroon. This solid wood carving is a fantastic work of art created from a single tree trunk and has exquisite craftsmanship throughout with noticeable wear in the seat. The Kingdom of Bamum (also spelled Bamoum, Bamun, Bamoun, or Mum (1394–1884) was a pre-colonial West African state in what is now northwest Cameroon. It was founded by the Mbum, a Bantu ethnic group from northeast Cameroon. Its capital was the ancient walled city of Fumban. Bidding opens for this one of a kind artifact at only $1500. A full array of photos are available for online inspection.

Another extremely rare piece early in the auction is Lot 10. This is a late 18th or 19th century European ceramic bust of a nun (French or Italian). This artwork is stunning in appearance. For an accurate measure of its size bidders can look in the online catalog. The final photo of the array includes a ruler to judge size. Bidding opens on this incredible buy for only $350 and will hammer to the high bidder.

And at Lot 118 is a fantastic antique Southeast Asian opium balance wood carved case. Another rarity up for auction in this sale, it is complete with original scale and ten elephant weights. It is very rare to find one of these at auction with all the original equipment. This also includes a photo with a ruler to give an idea of the size of this piece. This beautiful creation is opening at auction for only $125 and will be one of the best value buys of the day.

Bidding commences live at 12PM Eastern Time on Saturday June 11th, 2016. Bidders unable to attend the online auction are encouraged to leave their bids in the system immediately to ensure the best success. Pangaea Auctions is trusted with a huge display of amazing pieces and will be delighted to answer any and all questions as part of the bidding and buying process.

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