A trip down toy store memory lane

A huge assortment of antique advertising and collectible toys are set to go up for auction over the course of three days next month at the Victorian Casino 2013 October Auction in Las Vegas, Nev., and online at iCollector.com. The auction will run from October 11-13.

Toy story
Offering toys from as early as the turn of the 20th century, the Victorian Casino auction will give collectors the opportunity to add some of the coolest and oldest truck, airplane and construction vehicle toys to their portfolios at amazing prices.

Lovers of Christmas-themed novelties can purchase the antique Hubley cast-iron Santa Claus sleigh with one reindeer, built circa 1900 (lot #234), which is just one of many examples of toys featuring sleighs, wagons and old-fashioned hansom cabs, a testament to how many years these toys go back into American history.

Trucks, the stuff of boyhood entertainment for decades, are incredibly well represented in the auction's inventory. An Early Arcade cast-iron dump truck, circa 1925 (lot #231), will have you reliving your childhood as you race it across the floor or simply put it on display and admire its intricate craftsmanship.

You can accompany that truck with any one of the others up for bid, including a slew of vintage and early Buddy trucks like the hook and ladder fire truck from the 1920s (lot #226) and a cast-iron Flivver truck from the same era (lot #291).

If toy vehicles aren't your thing, there are plenty of other options. Popeye toys and collectibles will be scattered throughout. Figurines of the classic movie and cartoon character shown roller skating (lot #371) and dancing and singing with his lifelong love Olive Oyl on the roof of a house, in a wooden wind-up toy from the 1930s (lot # 317) are the two highlights from the collection. There will also be several assortments of dolls, puppets and even Christmas tree ornaments of the beloved seaman.

Advertising nation
America has become known as much for its advertising as it is for the products those advertisements are designed to sell, and when you look at some of the examples of classic signs, displays and vending machines available starting Oct. 11 you'll understand why.

A Sunoco motor oil display stand complete with the original spout bottles (lot #423) will take you back to a simpler time, and a 1-cent Pulver chewing gum red porcelain vending machine from the 1920s (lot #15) is so unique and beautiful that you'll be turning around and trying to sell it to a museum in no time.

If you want to kill two birds with one stone and make a purchase that serves as both a collectible and a time piece, you can opt for the vintage electric imperial Mobil Oil metal and glass wall-mounted clock. That way, whenever you check the time you can be reminded of some of the inherent beauty of 20th century American advertising.

Antique auctions have never been as fun and easy to navigate as they are on iCollector.com. It's your simple, straightforward stop for all things ancient and modern, and a great way to discover the hard-to-find items you've been searching for to add to your collection or decorate your home.

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