3 Things You Must Have to Become an Antique Collector

So, you want to become an antique collector? We can't blame you. Not only is collecting different antiques a fantastic pastime, it also offers the opportunity to create some unique investments. Regardless, you'll want to be sure that you're not rushing into collecting too quickly. In order to establish a successful and enjoyable collection that will not only satisfy you but also retain its value, you'll need to follow a few key steps. Ensure that you've got these three things locked down before you start collecting to lay a solid foundation for your new hobby:

Display/storage space
While the benefits of antique collecting are many and varied, it's important to recognize that, without space to properly display or store your collection, you aren't going to get very far. Depending on what exactly it is you intend to collect, you'll need to adapt your storage or display space accordingly. For example, an individual curating a collection of antique spoons will need considerably less space than someone who is amassing a selection of old luxury cars. Given that your collection is, more likely than not, somewhere in the middle of this spectrum, take some time to consider your own needs prior to making your first few purchases. If you're hoping to display your collection in your home, you'll want to think of a way to integrate it into the existing design of your residence. Look at this unique display of antique skeleton keys for inspiration.

A central focus
One of the most difficult parts of beginning an antique collection, for some people, is narrowing down a focus from the vast field of things they're interested in collecting. Consider what sort of collection you're going to get the most happiness out of. If you're collecting as an investment opportunity, then you could make the choice to begin seeking out a group of items that you won't use frequently, like antiquated baseball cards or china. If you're looking to enter the world of collecting for a hobby, then you may want to consider collecting something you can use and directly benefit from, like antique comforters or clothing. There's really no wrong answer to this question, so long as you arrive at a central focus before you begin to make purchases. Otherwise, you'll just end up with a mixed batch of antiques and no feeling of cohesiveness.

Proper maintenance equipment
One of the most entertaining aspects of collecting antiques is that, more often than not, the purchase is really only the beginning of your work. In order to maintain the quality, value and integrity of your collection's pieces, you'll need to ensure that you acquire the appropriate maintenance equipment. Take some time before starting any collection to research what's necessary for upkeep. Do research online, speak with current collectors and consider buying a book or two on the process of maintaining your desired item. Going through this process prior to making any purchases for your collection will not only leave you more informed as to how to maintain them, but will also aid you in budgeting for the necessary upkeep accoutrement​s.

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