20th- and 21st-century art masterworks to be auctioned off

On Oct. 2, you'll be able to welcome fall by adding some beautiful works from contemporary artists at the Jack Arnold Fine Art auction in Rio Rancho, N.M., or online at iCollector.com.

Featuring established and emerging artists from Europe, the United States and Israel – including Malcolm Morley, Richard Lindner, Salvador Dali and Joan Miro – this fine art auction will offer art collectors more than 200 exquisite pieces they can use to liven up their living spaces or add to their already abundant collections. And for anyone looking to start or add to a nascent art collection, they will be able to choose from some of the most famous names in 20th- and 21st-century painting.

Oil paintings by Wanda Kippenbrock
While not a household name, Wanda Kippenbrock has been working with oils to depict breathtaking nature scenes for more than 35 years. Those works have gone to find their way into collections across the globe.

Sadly, she passed away on Aug. 30, 2012, at the age of 76, leaving a legacy of paintings that always focused on joy, beauty and the positive aspects of the world around us. Because of that outlook, her works can provide any room with a lively glow that will make your home or office a warm and inviting place. And you can find several of those paintings at the October auction.

Jan De Ruth – art icon
Whether he was using coffee grinds as an art medium or painting a portrait of Ethel Kennedy for the cover of Time Magazine, Jan De Ruth (1922-1991) was always pushing the boundaries of modern art.

De Ruth began his career in the most unlikely of places – the Nazi concentration camps during World War II. A native of Czechoslovakia, he was forced to spend the war years shuttling between five different camps, attempting escapes four times before succeeding on the fifth try. Amazingly, that was the relative beginning of a life that the word "remarkable" barely begins to describe.

While in the camps, he searched for any implement he could use to express his artistic vision, including old coffee grounds and a nubby pencil that he stole from a guard. After the war, he worked his way to America via his native land and England, reaching the states in 1948.

From there, he would work his way into the pantheon of mid-20th century American painters, focusing on painting the female form, including many nudes, areas in which he became an acknowledged expert after writing two books, "Portrait Painting" and "Painting the Nude."

Now you can find some of the greatest examples of his work when they are a headlining part of the New Mexico and online art auction.

Other masters
While Kippenbrock and De Ruth are two of the most notable artists that will be featured on Oct. 2, they represent a small portion of the many famous and soon-to-be-famous names who will have works on display. And through iCollector.com you will be able to get your hands on works by other masters like Bracha Guy, Daniel Del Arfano and New Mexico legend Shelby Keefe.

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