WWII memorabilia auction

Universal Live in Wheeling, Illinois, is hosting a military auction with a number of World War II items going to the block. Military paraphernalia from the Nazi, Italian, British and American armies will be available to collectors interested in historical artifacts. All the lots will be listed on iCollector for interested parties to browse at their convenience.

Charles Lindbergh signature and photograph
One of the most valuable lots that will be available at this auction is a signed banquet menu from one of the greatest American aviators, Charles Lindbergh (lot #100139). The signed piece is framed with a photograph of the pilot with his plane, "The Spirit of St. Louis." In 1927, Lindbergh became the first man to complete a solo non-stop flight over the Atlantic Ocean. In that same year, to commemorate the historic event, as well as celebrate the great man's accomplishment, a banquet was held in Spokane, Washington. It is the signed menu from that event that is included in this lot. Lindbergh, upon becoming the first man in history to be in Paris one day and New York the next, was awarded a Medal Honor for his successful journey.

Luftwaffe desert jacket
The Luftwaffe was the German air unit during WWII. Included in this auction is a rare desert jacket with full insignias (lot #100377). The jacket is well-worn, suggesting it likely saw action on the battlefield. It is believed that a hole in the front may have been from a bullet. Though there are a few missing buttons, a number of patches and insignia are still present and the shoulder boards are even still attached. Don't miss out on this rare opportunity.

US M1 bayonet
Weapons collectors will be happy to see the presence of a US M1 bayonet at this auction (lot #100136). This blade was produced in 1943 in Oneida, New York.  It has a 10-inch darkened blade that is marked OL for Oneida Limited and includes the company's flaming bomb logo. The accompanying scabbard is included with the bayonet and both are in very fine condition.

WWII bomb
Another item of note that is being included in this auction is a WWII bomb (lot #100222). The antique weapon is no longer a threat, but rather, stands as a testament to the historical time it is connected to. Standing 18 inches tall, this piece would make a spectacular addition to any military history collection.

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