Western collectibles auction

More than 600 lots from the North American Auction Company's March Premier Collector's Auction are available for browsing and bidding on iCollector.com. The live auction will take place at the auction company's headquarters in Bozeman, Mont., on March 1. The auction includes many different collectibles for Western enthusiasts, including American Indian art, firearms and antique furniture and photographs.

American Indian art
Collectors will have a chance at this auction to acquire some truly unique pieces of American Indian art and craftwork. For example, a hand-woven Navajo-style rug from Mexico measuring 7 feet and 9 inches by 10 feet is estimated to be the highest-valued lot at the auction (lot #219). This large rug features a geometric pattern in black, white and burnt sienna.  Collectors will also find a Sioux quill and beaded doll at this auction dating back to the mid-1800s (lot #181). Perhaps the most unique thing about this antique toy is that the doll's hair is made from actual human hair.

Gun collectors have many opportunities at this auction to add unique pieces to their collections. Rifle collectors will be happy to see a Winchester Model 1873 manufactured in approximately 1893 (lot #179a). This rifle still has its original coloring, receiver cover, lever lock and sights and remains in working condition. Handgun fans will love the Sharps model 2A pepperbox handgun hitting the block (lot #245c). This great working condition four-barreled pistol is stamped with the Sharps brand logo and patent number. Its brass and wood construction along with its unique design make it a potential focal point in any firearm collection.

Antique furniture and photographs
The most valuable piece of antique furniture that will be available at this auction is a wooden bench by the River Bend Chair Company. The piece measures 46 inches by 22 inches and is 42 inches tall. Featuring hand-carved details throughout, this settee bench is perfect for the antique furniture lover. Another rare and unique piece for sale is a Columbia model B phonograph with horn (lot #152). This antique phonograph has its original finish and measures 25.5 inches tall with the horn attached.

Many antique photographs of Native Americans are also available at this auction. There are several prints of photographs taken by famed Native American photographer Herman Heyn. Heyn worked during the turn of the century, taking pictures of American Indians in and around Omaha, Neb. The Heyn prints include those of Tatanka Ptieela/Short Bull (lot #91), Tatanka Tamaheca/Poor Bull (lot #92), Ciajala Nopa/Two Elk (lot #92a) and Chief Black Bird (lot #92b).

All this and more can be found at iCollector.com.