The Meyers Fall Gun Auction 2016 Coming On November 5th

Over 200 Lots of firearms are up for grabs to Canadian bidders from Meyers Auctions in a live auction on Saturday November 5th, 2016. Included in this offering are such makers as Winchester, Remington, Ruger, Marlin, Browning Arms Company, and much more. Everything is up for live bidding on auction day as well as absentee bidding throughout the week. The auction begins live at 9:30AM Central Time from Manitoba.

A highlight of the auction and one of the most valuable firearms presented, is Lot 75. Up for auction is a DWM Deutsche Waffen und Munitions, German Artillery Luger Model 1918. This is classified as restricted and is a great piece for historical collectors. There are several brilliant photos to view online and bidding is opening at $1750. As described in detail by the auctioneer: “fitted with an 8 inch barrel and chambered for the 9mm Parabellum cartridge, it features a nine position adjustable sight that has a base that is a integral part of the barrel. This model has a stock lug and was furnished with a military style flat board stock & holster rig. The chamber is dated 1918. This model was developed for artillery & machine gun crews. Many thousands were manufactured with one to five digit serial numbers – some have letter suffixes. This model is quite desireable from a collectors standpoint and is rarer than its production fiqures would indicate. After the war many were destroyed as the allies deemed them more insidious than other models for some reason. Comes with sholder stock, holster rig, 1 matching clip and 2 unmatched clips. Serial #7492A”.

Lot 79 brings a Smith and Wesson Model #2 Revolver to the auction block. Opening at $900, this is another great collectors piece, classified as restricted. Meyers has put up a dozen photos to inspect this before placing bids. As described in full by Meyers Auctions: “Smith & Wesson; Model #2; Army;.32 Long Rimfire; 6 Shot; Revolver; Serial # 46305 The Number 2 is a tip-up, spur trigger, 6 shot revolver. It was made of forged wrought iron and was designed to fire a cartridge known today as the .32 Long Rim Fire The barrel is hinged at and has a fastening catch on the bottom strap. To load the revolver, one tips the barrel up, removes the cylinder and loads it, and then returns the cylinder to the frame. To remove spent cartridges, one removes the cylinder and punches them out, one by one, using the rammer pin located under the barrel. A notch cut in the rear of the cylinder stop, which is mounted in the top strap, serves as the rear sight. The cylinder stop was held in place by two pins until about serial number 3,000, at which point a third pin was added. This change from two top strap pins to three was the only significant change during its production. A great many of the orders S&W received during the Civil War came from soldiers or men soon to be soldiers. Those looking for dependable protection could do no better than the Number 2 Smith & Wesson which could be loaded quickly with waterproof metallic ammunition and was of a size suitable for the belt or a small holster.”

Meyers Auctions and Appraisal Services are pleased to represent this upcoming auction. All bidders must register and meet the legal requirements to purchase firearms, and Meyers Auction is happy to answer any and all questions to get the auction process as smooth as possible. Absentee bidding is available now, with the live auction kicking off on Saturday November 5th. All bidders should get registered and approved as soon as possible to be ready for the action.

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