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Exciting Virtual Auction of Firearms, Ammo, and Military Items on April 14th

Landsborough Auctions are presenting their next virtual auction on iCollector.com opening live on April 14th, 2016. 200 lots are up for grabs and this auction includes great firearms from a wide range of makers from shotguns to handguns. In addition to firearms, there is plenty of ammo and many military items and hunting accessories.

Lots 25 to 32 are for highlights for military collectors. Throughout these lots are selections if pins and medallions, arm bands and patches, medals and insiginias, and some interesting accessories. Each lot has a group of various items all available for one price to the highest bidder. Bidding opens at a dollar and some great buys are up for offer. Photos and a description of each lot is available in the online catalog.

Up at Lot 193 is a great Swedish Mauser 96 Rifle ready to go to the winning bidder. This is a non restricted firearm with bolt action an da 29” barrel. There is a 6.5 x 55 Swedish Mauser and the serial number is 370743. The bore is very good and the maple wood only has a few understandable dents and scratches. Lot 197 is another Mauser 96 that features the same barrel and sizes. It is also non restricted and carries the serial number of 169177. The blueing has some scratches. These great buys are up for bidding now and there are some photos ready for inspection.

A couple of interesting rifles go through the auction block near the end of the sale. At Lot 198 Landsbourough Auctions is presenting an Arisaka Siamese Rifle. This non restricted firearm has bolt action with 8 x 52R Siamese, and a 31” barrel. The serial number is 21469 and the bore is very good. The final lot of the sale, 200, is a Simonov Sks Rifle that is dated 1953. This is a semi automatic, non restricted, rifle with a 20” barrel. It features 7.62 x 39, and serial number is BA161. The wood only has a few scratches and the bore is excellent. Photos and full descriptions are ready to go online.

iCollector.com is the Canadian destination for firearms auctions and Landsborough Auctions is one of the top firearms auctioneers in the country. All items are carefully photographed and described so online inspection is important before making any bids. Registration is open online and US Buyers are welcome, however they should check with the auctioneer as not all firearms can be shipped across the border. Landsborough Auctions is pleased to answer any questions through email or telephone right up and through the auction day.

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