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Treasure, World, and US Coins Auction on iCollector.com April 29th and 30th

Sedwick Coins, in partnership with iCollector.com, are presenting their 17th Treasure, World, and US Coin auction for live online bidding April 29th and 30th, 2015. This auction is “The 1715 Fleet Anniversary Auction” as it was three hundred years ago this summer that the treasure laden Spanish 1715 Fleet succumbed to cyclonic disaster off the east coast of Florida. This anniversary has brought may interesting items up for auction and is an attention getter worldwide. Secure registration and bidding is available now on iCollector.com and bids can be left on iCollector.com as well as interacting live on the day of the sale.

Daniel Frank Sedwick, with a bachelor’s degree from Duke University, became a full time numismatic dealer in 1989. Mr. Sedwick specializes in Spanish colonial coins, shipwreck coins, as well as artifacts. He worked in partnership with his father, Dr. Frank Sedwick, until his passing in 1996. Throughout his career, Daniel has been a renowned speaker, provided world renowned consulting and appraisal services, and is a published author.

Lot 252 is a must see for treasures from the 1715 fleet. A large, rectangular Peruvian gold bar is up for auction and will fetch in excess of $100,000. It is 2148 grams and marked with fineness XX-dot (20.25K) and castle and stars tax stamp. The measurements of the bar are 5 ½” by 2 2/3” by ½” and this interesting “flat brick” shows several clear markings on a top surface that is very rough due to the incomplete melting of its constituents. 1715 Fleet gold bars are very rare to find at auction and are in exceptional demand. This is a world class treasure and photos and a detailed description are available on iCollector.com.

Another piece from the 1715 Fleet treasure is up for bidding at Lot 502. As described, it is a Mexico City cob 8 reales, 1715J cut into a heart shape, Pieces of Eight plate coin. This is a bold full date, nearly full but oddly double struck shield and cross, and is nicely toned and nearly corrosion free. The main attraction of this piece is the edge shaving done in the 1700’s to transform this into a heart shape. This fascinating piece is available for an opening bid of only $5000 and is a great value for collectors during this auction.

The auction is spread over two days on April 29th and 30th 2015. The outstanding pieces from the 1715 Fleet are available in the 2nd of two sessions on April 29th. There are also three sessions on April 30th. In addition to the 1715 Fleet treasures, there are US and Gold Coins on April 29th, and Silver Cobs, World Coins and Medals, and Documents and Artifacts available over three sessions on April 30th. Absentee bidding is available now, and live bidding available during the entire sale. Registration is available on iCollector.com for returning customers and new bidders alike. The process is simple using an email address’s or Facebook and Google plus logins and bidding can be done on any Mac, PC, smartphone, or tablet.

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