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Large Collection of 480 Dolls Up For Bidding Right Now

Bodnarus Auctions is hosting the best auction for doll collectors in the month of December. 480 Lots of dolls are up on the auction block in an auction running until December 9th, 2015. The Ma and Pa’s Doll Collection was put together through a lifetime of collecting and has been carefully preserved and cared for in order to present a fabulous collection for fellow collectors. There are dolls from all sizes and origins and there is something for everyone. This is a timed auction and all items will sell to the highest bidder at closing time. Bids can be placed easily from any internet enabled device through iCollector.com

The first dozen dolls in the auction are Eaton Beauty Dolls. Some of the highlights in this grouping are Lot 1, which is a beautiful 1978 Boy Doll Timmothy by Dorothy Churchill. The Boy Doll comes with a certificate and is in it’s original box. The next highlight is Lot 5 presenting an excellent condition 1997 Eaton Christmas Beauty named Angela who is #196 of a limited run of 450; which is also in it’s original box with a certificate. Lot 8 is showing an 1884 Eaton Beauty by April Katz. Bidders can grab one or two, or bid on all dozen to really enhance their collection. All Eaton Beauty dolls have photos in the online catalog and will sell to the highest bidder. Later in the sale is another highlighted Eaton Beauty from the 1920’s. This fabulous doll is a vintage collectors dream, with the original schemise and a banner replaced wig.

An outstanding doll is well worth waiting for at Lot 191. Here is a J.D. Kester Jr. Doll with an appraisal form from 1996 with a value of $2750. This doll is high quality for collectors and holds its value over the long term. It has been well preserved and is opening at low prices and will sell. This will turn out to be one of the best buys of the sale and has attracted much interest online. Just a few lots later at number 196 is a vintage doll from Heinrich Hand Werek Simon Halbig. This doll has a wig, antique dress, and a lovely vintage coat and hat. Several photos are available to see the quality by looking in the online catalog.

Newborn babies are not to be missed in the auction. Lot 479 comes to wrap up the online catalog with two lovely newborn baby dolls. These two dolls are from 1988 and Raffoler Ltd. They are 18” and have boy and girl armbands and they are twins. They come in the original box and certificates and are white babies. The last lot of the sale, at 480, are another pair of newborns. They are the same year and size, and are black babies. They also come in their original box with certificates.

The timed bidding feature is very simple. All bidders can place bids against one another up until closing time. The auction closes at 10am Central Time on Wednesday, December 9th, 2015. The lots will close on one minute intervals after that. Any lots that get a bid with 3 minutes to go, will be extended by an additional 2 minutes so competing bidders have a chance to stay in on the action. Doll collectors are invited to browse all 480 lots and photos and pick the ones they want and get up onto the auction block.

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