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March 2017 ANA National Money Show Auction March 9th to 10th

Kagin’s Inc has put together over 1000 lots to present for live bidding over three sessions on March 9th and 10th, 2017. As part of the ANA show, they will be presenting one of the feature auctions of the weekend filled with highly collectible and valuable pieces. The first session is on March 9th and is a great selection of US coins up for grabs and great auction prices. The 2nd session begins on March 10th and features the outstanding Dr. William Christie Collection. Later that day, the 3rd session gives the opportunity for bidders to journey through a great grouping of US Currency. The first two sessions begin at 3PM Pacific time and the later session on March the 10th begins at 4:30PM Pacific Time.

Lot 1427 is the feature coin of the March 9th session. This is an 1860 Proof-65 graded by PCGS. Bidding opens at $50000 and it is estimated in value at well over $150000. As described in the catalog:

“This deep honey-gold Gem Proof Liberty eagle displays varied pale orange-peach highlights in a bold light source. The strike is as sharp as ever seen for the No Motto type, as should be expected from a Proof of this caliber. In particular, Liberty’s portrait and hair are seemingly carved from living gold with a texture and depth not frequently seen in the design type. A whisper of cloudiness in the fields speaks of the original nature of this rarity. It could easily have been dipped or otherwise treated by a “doctor” of such arts at some point, but this specimen appears to be as handed down from the Mint to one collector after another with no harsh treatment along the way. The OGH (Old Green Holder) PCGS encapsulation tells us that it has been over a decade since this coin was out of a holder. Faint raised die polishing lines are seen on both sides with a loupe though a tilted angle to a light will reveal them to the unaided eye. Additionally, a “birthmark” of sorts is found at the lower right base of the first T in STATES where a tiny fishhook-shaped lint mark can be seen, forever identifying this specimen.

The Proof eagle mintage for the year is placed at 50 pieces, a modest figure for the era. Breen (Encyclopedia, 1988) expostulated that there were “at least 30 Proofs sold in sets, rest melted January 1862 as unsold; not over 10 traceable.” Breen was not far off the mark on that statement, even today some 29 years after the fact. We have records of two PCGS-certified examples of the issue – of which this is the finest by two grading points — and five NGC-certified examples, the best by that firm a Proof-64 example of the date. If the figures are accurate, seven individual coins certified, and if we make allowances for one or two more “raw” Proofs of the date that could be quietly resting in old-time collections, a liberal estimate of survivors would be around 10 to 12 pieces. That figure takes into account museum specimens such as the Smithsonian Institution and the A.N.S .Collection in New York City. By any and all standards, this is a rare date Proof eagle.

That this pre-Civil War issue has come down to us over the course of 157 years and remained a Gem is remarkable. Also remarkable is the fact that you now have an opportunity to acquire this rare beauty, a coin that is easily the finest certified Proof of the date extant. Don’t let this rare bidding opportunity slip away!”

From the Dr. William Christie Collection selling on March 10th, one of the top buys is Lot 2386. Up for bidding is a 1907 High Relief Wire Rim graded AU-58 by PCGS. Bidding opens at a great value of only $5000 and the full description is as follows:

“Pale olive gold with lively orange iridescence throughout. An altogether pleasing example of one of America’s most endearing design types. Designed by sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens, an acquaintance of Teddy Roosevelt, this artistic endeavor is considered by many to be America’s most beautiful design ever; interestingly, Saint-Gaudens considered Longacre’s Flying Eagle cent design to be America’s finest design type. Saint-Gaudens passed away in early August, 1907, just prior to seeing his creation enacted into coinage. High “wire” fin present on the rim; PCGS has erroneously been calling this variety “wire edge” for decades now, but the edge is lettered. All that aside, if this popular scarcity is on your want-wish list, now is an outstanding time to act. You can’t beat this grade and date combination.”

The afternoon session on March 10th, offers up a great selection of paper money. The most valuable investment piece is an Fr. 2231-B 1934 $10,000 Federal Reserve Note at Lot 3237. Valued at over $100,000 at auction, this is described as follows:

“Fr. 2231-B. 1934 $10,000 Federal Reserve Note. New York. PCGS Apparent Choice New 63. Pinholes Filled. Ex: Binion’s Hoard.
These ultra-high denomination notes are ones that are instant highlights within any collection, no matter the size and scope. The shear face value alone on a single piece of currency is amazing and these notes always have a way of “stealing the show.” When being offered publicly or available for viewing at numismatic events, collectors and even those without knowledge of the hobby will routinely converse about this impressive bills. This offering also has the pedigree of once being part of the famous Binion million-dollar display, where one hundred of these New York district notes were placed together. The display was broken up at turn of the millennium and sold to collectors.

This B00003053A numbered note still retains exceptional quality throughout with boldly overprinted green serial numbers and treasury seal. Nicely centered for this denomination, being known for narrow margins. Some filled pinholes, noticed only under scrutiny and being back lit, are seen at the lower center as are most pieces which were once part of the $1,000,000 display.”

The entire catalog is online for browsing with full photos and descriptions. Most pieces have links to detailed reports and information as well. Kagin’s is very eager to answer all questions through email or telephone and look forward to providing exceptional service while offering this exceptional sale.

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