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Celebrate the 30th Anniversary of “Back to the Future”

The iconic movie “Back to the Future” took Marty and Doc to October 21st, 2015. Now that this date has arrived, is time to celebrate the movie franchise by bidding at auction on collectibles and memorabilia. Screenused Auctions are presenting over 370 lots in an online catalog available for bidding right up until October 31st, 2015. This auction is online right now at iCollector.com and shows a wide range of collectibles connected to one of the favorite movies of the 1980’s.

There are a number of highlights in this catalog to consider buying. Lot 256 is for autograph collectors. Presented here is an autographed movie poster signed by Robert Zemeckis, Bob Gale, and “Doc Brown” Christopher Lloyd. In addition, there is a letter from Bob Gale signed with the inscription “To Charles, Giga-thanks for all your help with the DeLorean restoration! Best wishes for the future.” This poster is rolled in fine condition and measures 24” by 36”.

An original film print in 35MM format, is up for grabs at Lot 330. This features the film with seven reels, each attached to a plastic center spindle. Six of the reels measure approximately 12.75” in diameter and one measures 10.75” in diameter. This is a very rare artifact from the movie and not sold to the public. Collectors of vintage film reels will consider this a must buy and it already has generated a lot of bidding interest.

A pair of walkie talkies that are the same model Doc and Marty used in the film, are available at Lot 401. These are in their original package and made by Radio Shack. They remain in good condition. These can not be purchased any more and are a collector’s item. Further along is another collectors piece, a Hill Valley High Jacket that is very rare. At Lot 489 it is sure to sell. This large sized jacket has a Clock Towser logo on the left chest, a “55” patch attached to the right arm, and “Hill Valley High” on the back with the bulldog mascot. This jacket only has minor wear from use and storage and thus remains in good condition.

This auction includes autographs, toys, pieces from the movie, commemorative items, and clothing. This is a fun auction catalog that will delight lovers of the movie. The full catalog with photos and descriptions can be browsed online and bids can be placed instantly. The auction will close for bidding at 9AM Pacific Time on Saturday October 31st, starting at Lot 1 and lots going in 1 minute intervals. however high bidders need to be alert. If any bids come in within 3 minutes of a lot closing it will be extended by a minute to allow bidders to come back an re claim their item. All items will sell to the highest bidder.

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