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Beautiful Selection of Handmade Rugs Taking Bidding Until February 28th

House of Treasures bring many auctions per week with incredible selections of fine merchandise. Currently up for bidding until February 28th are over 400 fine rugs ready to be added to any home or office. There are incredible handmade selections from Persia, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. Contemporary and collectible rugs of the finest quality are up for grabs in the auction block . The auction is taking bidding right up until closing time on Tuesday February 28th, 2017 at 8PM Pacific Time.

Lot 6798 is a fine example of the Persian rugs offered in this sale. The full description from the catalog is “Highly collectible handmade antique Persian sarouk Rug. Made of 100% baby lamb and wool pile on cotton foundation, all natural vegetable dye, incorporating a highly detailed floral arabesque design on a rich red background; with a beautiful dual headed floral centerpiece medallion, multi layered crowned corners and dark floral trim From sarouk-Iran. About sarouk Rugs: Sarouk Ferahan Rugs are among the most luxurious classically derived, room-sized Persian carpets. they were produced in the arak region, not far from where fereghans and Sultanabad’s were made. Some of the early examples were so closely related to fereghans that they have been designated as sarouk-fereghans. While the latter tend to have medallion designs, Sarouk carpets from about 1900 onward were mostly produced in an allover format, with dense sprays or bouquets of flowers and vines arrayed across the carpet symmetrically, on a deep blue or burgundy ground. this latter type is known for its soft, velvety wool and fairly thick pile. Size: 6 feet 7 inches X 4 feet 7 inches. “.

Lot 7239 is a beautiful Afghan runner. This is as described: “Amazing Afghan khotan design Runner. Color blue, ivory, black, multi-colored knot technique 100% hand knotted rug foundation cotton pile 100% wool. Country of origin: Afghanistan. Size 2 feet 2 inches X 12 feet.”. The runner is valued at several thousand dollars and the winning bidder will be taking home a fantastic buy.

Lot 8148 shows another beautiful Persian design. This is an elegant regal Shah Abbasi design Persian Nain-Isfahan. Made of fine quality baby lamb’s wool/part pure silk pile on cotton foundation, all natural vegetable dye, incorporating the elegant and regal shah abbasi floral pattern on a cream colored background; teardrop centerpiece medallion; finely done crowned corners and finished off beautifully with an intricately done floral trim. the silk highlights of this phenomenal hand woven Persian Nain gives this Rug an extra level of beauty and esthetic appeal. Size: 8 feet X 5 feet 4 inches.

House of Treasures carefully puts together quality auctions with the utmost of detail and service. They can be contacted through telephone or email on the website for any questions. Bidding is available anytime from all internet devices up until the closing time on Tuesday, February 28th, 2017.

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