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Screen Used Props from Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Hellboy, and the X-Men for Auction March 5th

Prop Domain Auctions will be featuring over 200 lots screen used props from a wide range of movie categories including feature items from Superman, Batman, X-Men, Hellboy, Spiderman, and Chucky. This is Prop Domain’s 42nd extremely awesome auction and an exciting day of live bidding is ready to go on Saturday March 5th, 2016.

The live auction will be presented with a live audio feed from the always entertaining David Brandon, who is the founder of Prop Domain auctions, and top ranked horror movie site, HorrorDomain.com. Bidders can enjoy the commentary on each item, how he came about to acquire each piece, and bid alongside fellow collectors in pursuit of authentic props and memorabilia. In addition to feature items from blockbuster movies, the auction will also have many one of a kind costumes and body parts from famous horror movies. Whether your budget is $10 or $10000, David will have something to offer you to use at your next party, or to add to your collection.

Lot 5 is a piece of movie history that can not be found anywhere else. This is the screen used and matched hero clock from the opening credits of The Adams Family. This animatronic clock is not only seen in in the opening credits but also throughout the film. This is a centerpiece of any display of movie and horror props and is available only at this auction. The value of this piece could exceed 20,000 dollars as it is a complete one of a kind collectible in very good condition.

There are lots of body part props available for bidding. Lot 3 opens up the early part of the sale with a screen used severed head from the movie 300: Rise of the empire depicting King Leonidid. This is a life sized head with silicone skin and a foam core. It is painted to studio exacting standards and finished with prosthetic grade glass eyes and dentures. Lot 12 is an amazing pair of severed lobster man-hands from American Horror Story, one of the most popular shows on TV. These are one of the coolest props in the sale and are a must buy for collectors of creepy and interesting horror prop body parts.
Prop Domain has brought a fabulous piece from the X-Men series. At Lot 239 is a screen used hero suit, a chest with arms, for the Juggernaut character from The Last Stand. This is the actual piece seen on film and worn by Vinnie Jones with hand punched hairs. This is in excellent condition and ready to sell. Next up at Lot 199 is Juggernaut’s helmet, also screen used, from the same movie. It is only one of 2 used in the movie and is a keeper piece for any prop collection. Another fantastic chest and arms piece is from Hellboy and presented at Lot 106. This is another screen used prop and was worn by Ron Perlman in the 2nd film of the series, the Golden Army.

Lots 18 and 19 offer test glyphs from Batman V Superman. Both are test bat glyphs and the first one is on backing material, while the second one is on suit material. These are great collector’s pieces from the movie production and will most certainly sell on auction day. Estimated prices are over $300.
There are 16 lots of Spiderman collectibles offered by Prop Domain during this sale. There is a great black spidey test suit from Spiderman 3 available at Lot 173. Lots 175-177 offer up screen used teeth from the character Venom in Spiderman 3. There is even a fantastic looking screen used stunt face mask of Tobey McGuire available at Lot 179. There are several uncut sheets from The Amazing Spiderman 2 up for auction as well as several glyphs and masks.

In addition, there are pieces from a wide range of movies. Bidders should note that lot numbers are subject to change as items are added. The catalog is generally sorted into alphabetical order for easy browsing the day before the auction. The auction starts at 10AM Pacific Time on Saturday March 5th, 2016 with full bidding available on iCollector.com

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