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There is increasing interest in scrip collecting. One can understand this desire to collect scrip because it can be attractive, historical and is reasonable priced. There is a huge variety of collecting avenues in scrip collecting making it unique to each collector.

The early scrip of Canada came about largely because of economic conditions. In the 1700’s and early 1800’s specie was scarce. This was because there was a dearth of manufacturing and as a result goods required for agriculture and businesses had to be imported, usually from overseas. Any monies or specie available went to pay for these goods.

Consequently, businesses issued their own notes or scrip. This was common throughout the colonies of British North America, East and West Canada (Quebec and Ontario), the Maritime Colonies and Newfoundland. There are few issued early scrip from Western Canada as it had not been settled for the most part. Most scrip known of the early Canada are scarce because the paper it was printed on was of poor quality and was used over and over in numerous transactions. Most commonly found are remainders that were not issued. This group can be historical and interesting and reasonably priced.

Collected scrip usually falls into 3 or 4 categories. There is the early, historical scrip described above. A second category is business college currency. This scrip was used around the turn of the century (1900) at business colleges for banking and bookkeeping practice and other business procedures. It is considered very collectible and is well represented in this auction. It is obtained with some difficulty. Thirdly, there is modern scrip used at co-ops, grocery stores, gas stations and general stores. It can be colorful, interesting and reasonably priced. We must not forget one of the most collectible scrip collecting in Canada, Canadian Tire Money. There are clubs, journals and books on the subject.

If you wish to collect scrip, we recommend the following references:

Graham, Robert                              Canadian Merchant Scrip, Charlton Press

Schingoethe, Herb and Martha   College Currency, BNR Press

Irwin, Ross                                                       Charlton Standard Catalogue of Canadian Tire Cash,

                                                                           Charlton Press

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