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Collectibles are personal, each collection provides its own unique story for the curator. It’s a hobby that allows the collector to truly build their own collection; personal taste is the only boundary.

Our Toronto auctions regularly feature collectibles of all sorts. Participants of both our Toronto live and online collectible auctions will typically see vintage toys, old advertisements, stunning artwork, sports cards, toy cars, hard-to-find dolls and many other rare auction items.

Like anything, it’s important to do your homework when it comes to purchasing collectibles at auctions. Utilize the many online resources and check out your local bookstore. Grading is an important factor in determining a collectible’s value, this is a subject worth some extra studying time.

Understand the market of the collectibles you’re interested in. The collectible world is truly wide open and it’s full of pieces that are very hard to locate. Some items are extremely hard to find, while others may be easier. It’s important that you have a strong understanding of the fair market value of the item you desire. Network with like-minded collectors and get to know their collectibles and how they found them. You may be surprised to find knowledgeable collectors in our own backyard. There are countless online forums and social media networks that can instantly connect you to some really great resources.

Flea markets and yard sales can be great places to find your next treasure piece. Collectors will be able to handle collectibles and some good haggling skills may fetch you a better price. Going to yard sales and flea markets can be time-consuming, but they can also be a lot of fun. Your phone instantly connects you to useful information about the items you’re looking at.

It’s important to be patient when looking for that perfect collectible. Falling in love with an item and paying too much is a good way to wreck your collecting experience. Even if it’s the perfect addition to your collection, it’s important to utilize your research and find a fair deal. It’s also important to establish a budget and to stick with it.

Shopping at online and live collectible auctions is a great way to build a unique collection while staying within your budget. It’s important to find a reputable auction house that regularly hosts auctions with a diverse inventory. At the Auction Network, we’ve worked hard to earn a reputation as one of Canada’s most reputable auction companies. We do this by offering a live audio and video feed of all our auctions for online buyers. Also, we take the time to post real photos of all the collectibles we sell. This allows buyers the ability to understand the collectible’s condition. There are a lot of ‘fly by night’ operations that give a bad a name to the auction industry.

Buying collectibles is really exciting, but it’s important to not build your collection too quickly. We actually see it a lot; people begin to collect and they want to build their collection quickly. It’s important to focus on quality over quantity. By purchasing high-quality collectibles you’ll build your collection slower, but you will have items you’ll be proud to showcase for years to come. Also, high-quality items will typically increase in value, while lower grade items may actually decrease.

The best way to protect the integrity of your collectibles is to take good care of them. Invest the money and purchase proper cases, shields, covers and other protective equipment. The more valuable your collection, the more you will want to invest in protecting it. Insurance is probably a good idea, shop around and find an affordable insurance solution that will protect your investment. There’s a good chance that your current homeowner or tenant insurance will not provide the coverage you need.

Buying collectibles is a great hobby and it can be a great investment tool. As our collections grow, so too does the knowledge we’re able to gain. Learning and growing a collection is perhaps the greatest takeaway. Collectible auctions are a great place to find collectibles for a very good price. Remember, the collectible market can fluctuate a lot and quickly. A collectible is worth a lot one day and not so much the next. The antidote for this problem is to focus your collection on things you enjoy owning. This will ensure your collection is worth something to you, regardless of what the markets dictate.

At the Auction Network, we’re a family of auctioneers. We host at least three weekly Toronto collectible auctions. Our auctions are live in-studio and streamed online with full video and audio. We’re proud of the reputation we’ve earned for being one of Canada’s most trusted online auctions.

Each of our auctions features a diverse selection of collectibles. You can browse our selection of
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