Coins, Jewelry, Statues & More – EXTRA LOW Reserves Closing on December 18th!

Auctions Since 1994 is back with their next session on Specializing in coins and jewelry, they are looking to deliver great buys to online bidders. This time around they have lowered their reserves and have one of the lowest online buyer premiums in the coin business at 14.9%. This fantastic auction offers all items opening at a dollar! Bidding runs until Tuesday December 18th at 6PM Pacific Time. Over 100 lots to bid on!

Lot 127 offers a buying opportunity on an 1837 Capped Bust Quarter in AU55 condition. As described in the catalog:

”Following a suspension of quarter coinage after 1807, the denomination was again produced in 1815, at which time the Capped Bust style was introduced. The motifs are similar to that found on other silver denominations of the period, first seen on the half dollar of 1807. Liberty faces left, wearing a cloth cap secured with a band inscribed LIBERTY, with tresses flowing to her shoulder. Her neckline is draped in cloth, secured by a brooch or a clasp at the shoulder. Seven stars are to the left, with six to the right. The date is below. The reverse shows an eagle perched on a branch and holding three arrows, a shield on its breast, and E PLURIBUS UNUM on a scroll above. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and 25C. appear around the border.”

The most valuable coin in the catalog can be seen at Lot 135. Offered is super rare mint error 1964 JFK Half Dollar. This is graded by NGC as MS62 with double curved lips and is valued at well over $2000. The JFK Silver Half Dollar began minting in 1964 to memorialize him and this is one of the most collected types of coins in US History.

Just a few lots up at 141, the auctioneer offers a book of Lincoln Cents with dates of 1909 to 1940. The book has a few places still to be filled which offers the collector a huge head start on completing this collection. This album includes the renowned 1909-S VBD Penny and has many other great dates. Email the auctioneer with questions about all the coins available in this album. This is estimated in value at over $1200!

Auctions Since 1994 have a deep knowledge and love of the material they sell; and can answer questions or talk about bidders’ own collections for future consignment. The auction hammers down at 6PM Pacific Time on Tuesday December 18th, 2018. The full catalog is available online through

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