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Vintage Bars, Rare Ingots & Coins Sale – January 5th

VCD Auctions are excited to launch their 2nd online auction to kick off 2023!  They are proud to present some stellar items such as choice vintage bars, rare ingots and array of some great collector coins.  Good Luck to all of those who are bidding.  Absentee bidding is open now and the live auction kicks off at 4PM Pacific Time on Thursday January 5th.

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This auction features some stunning highlights; here is a selection of some of the most coveted pieces:

Lot 1 – 1907 High Relief $20 Flat Edge PCGS MS62 CAC

The 1907 High Relief Saint Gaudens double eagle was struck as a circulation piece, modeled after the Ultra High Relief pattern. Each circulation piece was struck three times on a medal press to facilitate the immense detail from the dies.
This specimen, while a lower mint state grade (MS62), is of amazing quality. Very few contact marks adorn the coin, and it glows with a delicate golden luster. A slightly weak strike on the rays of the reverse bring this coin down to the Mint State 62 grade which is typical for metal flow of the High Relief. Certified Acceptance Corp. has given this piece their sticker of approval to indicate it is solid for the stated level of preservation.

PCGS #9136.

Lot 8 – 1876 20C PCGS PR63 CAC

A choice specimen for the date. Minimal hairlines are present in the fields, and bright blue and lavender toning graces the obverse. On the reverse, russet toning circles the devices amidst brilliant fields. Approved by CAC and graded Proof 63 by PCGS.

PCGS #5304

Lot 9 – 1875-CC 20C PCGS MS63

Delicate fields and russet toning brings this amazing Carson City twenty cent piece up for auction to an advanced collector. Full luster can be seen under the toning, and there are no major bag marks or spotting. The 1875-CC is known for a less-than-average strike due to weak die pressure, and this coin encapsulates that without losing eye appeal.

PCGS #5297

Lot 25 – Mid-1930s San Francisco Mint Silver Ingot, 5.14 Ounces Type One Oval Hallmark with Overpunched Logo

San Francisco Mint Silver Ingot, 5.14 Ounces Type One Oval Hallmark with Overpunched Logo. 195/265 serial. Super Rare Mint Bar! The secondary number #195 appears on only a handful of ingots in this series in the numerical range of #216 to #265. According to Ken Conway, ingot collector and main authority for Mint Bars, only 4 examples are known to exist.

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VCD Auctions  hope that you enjoy their catalog! The team has taken many careful hours procuring, researching, professionally photographing, and preparing these amazing pieces for you to enjoy.  Please contact them through email at, by telephone at 702-949-7515, or directly through the online catalog.  Happy Bidding!

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VCD Auctions is the auction arm of Vegas Coin Dealer, a leading coin firm specializing in high-end Certified Numismatics as an alternative asset class. Auctions will be focused, with small lot counts targeting numismatics, vintage/rare bars and more.

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