Breaking Bad could break Hollywood prop auctions records

In the history of television, few shows have captured the American public's attention quite like AMC's Breaking Bad. With its lead character, good-guy-gone-bad Walter White, and an unceasing cascade of drama and thrills, the show has cemented its place as one of the medium's most beloved and haunting treasures.

Now, with the show's final episode just days away, Sony Pictures, which helps produce Breaking Bad, has announced that it will be auctioning off about 250 of the show's most memorable props. Fans of White, a former chemistry teacher turned methamphetamine kingpin, will soon be able to relive their favorite moments from the show in the comfort of their own home, helping the Breaking Bad legacy to live on for years to come.

Capitalizing on massive popularity
Though Bryan Cranston, who plays White, lost out on an Emmy this past week, the show he starred in promises to be a part of the American psyche into the foreseeable future. And the upcoming auction is just a small part of cementing that process.

Some of the most famous items from the show that will be up for auction starting on Sept. 29 – which is, not coincidentally, the airdate of the final episode – include the Pontiac Aztek that Cranston's character drove throughout much of the show's first four seasons and the portentous charred pink teddy bear that was used in the opening scenes of several early episodes.

By taking advantage of the timing, Sony is hoping to set a standard for Hollywood memoribilia auctions by selling off items while there is still a considerable amount of buzz surrounding the show.

Memorable props up for bid
Beyond the Aztek and the teddy bear, the auction will feature several other iconic items from Breaking Bad's six seasons.

Fans who loved the storyline involving the Mexican cartels will be able to pick up Tuco's jeweled mouth grill or Tio Salamanca's damaged wheelchair and its accompanying bell. And for those interested in the show's more kitschy elements, the briefs Walter White was seen running through the desert wearing in the pilot episode and the wallet of the show's fixer, Mike Ehrmentraut, will be among the cheaper pieces of inventory available.

The greatest television show of all time?
Over the past six seasons, fans have come to love the many well-developed characters that populated the Breaking Bad universe, no matter how dark a turn they took. That ability to draw viewers in despite, or maybe because of, its edginess, violence and despicable behavior of its characters has helped Breaking Bad to be one of the most critically-acclaimed series in the history of television. In fact, many people even claim it is the best show to ever air.

While that belief is certainly up for dispute, no one can deny the cultural impact Breaking Bad has had on America over the past few years, and that influence will only be further served once some of its most quintessential props hit the auction block.

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