Auction of Early and Native American Collectibles, Firearms, and Antiques on August 6th

North American Auction Company is setting the stage for their next auction on Saturday August 6th, 2016. Over 500 lots will be selling to the highest bidder from a carefully put together catalog of quality and outstanding consignments. The auction will carry a selection of Early American and Native American artworks and collectibles, contemporary and antique firearms, and well as a fine selection of antiques. Absentee and live bidding, including a live video feed, will be available exclusively on

The highlighted firearm of the auction is found at Lot 69. This is a fantastic Colt Single Action Army Revolver from 1907. As described: “This is an original pre-WWII First Generation Colt Single Action Army (SAA) Revolver in a .32 W.C.F. caliber. The rare Colt Peacemaker Model 1873 firearm matching with a serial number of 288799 manufactured in circa 1907. The firearm appears to be a .32/20 W.C.F. caliber (the second least produced caliber available, rare) with a 4.75” barrel and is in a rare nickel finish. Marked on left side of frame, “PAT SEPT.19.1871. JULY 2.72 JAN.19.75. (showing faintly the round logo with Rampant Colt inside)”, marked on the underside of the frame and trigger guard “288799”, marked on grip frame “288799”, top of barrel is worn with only “(U.)S.A. –“ showing, and the back of the loading gate is marked with the assembly number “5105”. The piece shows the original set of black hard rubber grips that are checkered and have the Rampant Colt trademark in an oval at the top of the grip. Provenance: From a Monarch, Montana private early Western collection, collected in Montana. Trigger guard is marked on the side with a “T” and inspection mark with a upside-down triangle. (From the Dean Yearout Estate). Absentee bidding on this firearm is already brisk and this will hammer down for well over a thousand dollars.

The most valuable highlight in the auction is a portrait of Elias Boudinot IV presented for bidding at Lot 76A. This is estimated in value of at least $5000 and will likely sell at auction for much more. The full description in the catalog is as follows: “This is a very important and historic Portrait of Elias Boudinot IV in circa 1776-1778 attributed to Charles Willson Peale. Elias Boudinot IV (B.1740-1821) was the fourth President of the United States Continental Congress from 1782 to 1783. Boudinot was a Member of the Continental Congress (1777-1788; 1781-1784), served in the First Congress of 1789, he signed the “Treaty of Paris” with Great Britain ending the Revolutionary War as at the time he was the acting President. Boudinot was also the Commissary-General of Prisoners and in 1795 was appointed as Third Director of the United States Mint by George Washington. The painting is attributed to Charles Willson Peale (1741-1827) along with the other available portrait of Boudinot in the Princeton University Collection by Peale. The painting is said to be done in circa 1776 when Boudinot would have been 36 years of old. The piece is from the Anne Burnham Moore Estate collection, a direct relative of Elias Boudinot IV. Included is the documentation of Anne Burnham Moore’s direct lineage to Elias Boudinot IV (from 1952-1953), note written by Anne explaining the pieces origin, The Boudinot Mansion Commemoration Pamphlet from 1943, news clipping from the Boudinot Mansion Commemoration, and Elias Boudinot by Donald W. Whisenhunt a New Jersey Historical Commission book from 1975. This is the earliest portrait of Elias Boudinot IV and the only known portrait from a private collection to be available for sale. At the time of the painting Boudinot would have been serving as the Commissary-General for Prisoners as appointed by General George Washington, his close friend, was commissioned as a Colonel in the Continental Army and appointed the New Jersey delegate in the 2nd Continental Congress. The piece shows wear indicative of its early age (240 years old) and is in its original frame. Frame is 33.25”x30.25” and artwork is 29″x26”. Believed to be marked on the back, “Charles (possibly) Peale” and “Boudinot” in very light signature as shown.”. A selection of photos are in the online catalog ready for viewing and bids are being accepted now.

The live bidding commences at 10AM Mountain Time, 9AM Pacific Time, on Saturday. Full photos and descriptions of all 500+ lots can be found, and available for absentee bidding now, in the online catalog. Bidders can join the live auction and enjoy hearing the auctioneer and seeing the action as it takes place on their computer.

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