Rare Coins At The VCD Long Beach Sale #1 – September 30th

VCD Auctions are excited to launch their first annual Fall Long Beach Coin Expo Sale!  They are proud to present some stellar items of classic American rare coins & vintage bars, which have seen some incredible growth amongst collectors in the last 20 years. Good Luck to all of those who are bidding.  Absentee bidding is open now and the live auction kicks off at 5PM Pacific Time on Friday September 30th.

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This auction features some stunning highlights; here is a selection of some of the most coveted pieces:

Lot 7 – 1852 $50 RE Humbert 887 Slug PCGS MS61

Wow wow wow! This Humbert slug is incredible, how this slug only graded at MS61 is mind boggling to me, for me personally there are only two distracting marks on this slug, under “M” in America on the right obverse and above the “F” in fifty on the lower left obverse field. Compared to the MS63 in my opinion this example is nicer. Usually when inspecting $50 you will notice lots of rim dings and indents such as on the MS63 example whereas on the current example rim dings are minimal but of course still present. There is some rubbing on the eagle, but nothing unexpected. The reverse on this slug is just incredible, the detail on the reverse is so intricate, in most examples this area would be worn down or rubbed out. In this example the reverse design is fully legible and even where the design gets the smallest it is still legible. Here is your chance to own one of the nicest slugs to date.
Heritage auctions on the history of these slugs: Few issues are as evocative of the romantic gold Rush era as the massive fifty dollar slugs produced by Moffat & Company in the early 1850s. The scarce K-11 fifties were struck in the first few months of 1852, shortly before John Little Moffat retired to return to the gold fields. Moffat & Company held the government contract to produce gold coinage in California and the fifty-dollar slugs were very useful for settling large transactions in the economy of the region, where paper money did not circulate. Of course, they were less useful for smaller day-to-day transactions. The company was reorganized after Moffat left as the U.S. Assay Office of Gold, and the government contract was continued. Moffat’s partners, Curtis, Perry, and Ward, continued in their managerial roles and Augustus Humbert continued as assayer. Many of the K-11 fifty-dollar pieces were melted and reissued under the auspices of the new company, making the issue quite scarce today.

Lot 8 – 1904-S Barber Half Dollar PCGS MS67 CAC

What else can be said that already has not been said.
Back in 1955 the auction cataloguer wrote: “Brilliant ‘gem’ Uncirculated. A magnificent coin, nicely struck, with full, complete mint luster and color. To our minds, unimprovable. Not in the DuPont sale in any condition. Nearly two years ago, two examples in the Dallas Convention sale brought $190 and $200. This piece should realize close to $300 today.” [Realized $275.]”

Superbly struck with full luster and color, this coin is also CAC endorsed. Norweb purchased this coin in 1955 at auction from Dr. Clarence W. Peake, it was then sold to Dr. Peter Shireman who then consigned it at Heritage in 2016, then to our cosigner. An overall classy example with everything going for it.
The Heritage consigner wrote: This impressive Superb Gem exhibits frosty luster that is undiminished beneath the lovely sea-green, gold, and iridescent toning on both sides. The pristine surfaces are virtually perfect and abrasion-free with a fully original appearance. There is no doubt that this coin looks the same today as it did 60 years ago when New Netherlands described the coin as “unimprovable.”

Lot 4 – 1846 25C PCGS PR64 CAC Old Green Holder

When I first saw this coin in hand I gasped. This coin has everything going for it, original mintage of 12 with perhaps 8-10 surviving today, it is currently holdered in an old green holder and is CAC approved. Even better, this coin is terminally toned on the obverse and reverse with this lovely light blue color. Early proofs like these tend to darken up, this coin has not darkened at all and is a very flashy example. This coin is currently pop
7/3 but is the only PR64 that is CAC approved. Out of the three in PR65 only one example is CAC approved.

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VCD Auctions  hope that you enjoy their catalog! The team has taken many careful hours procuring, researching, professionally photographing, and preparing these amazing pieces for you to enjoy.  Please contact them through email at office@vcdauctions.com, by telephone at 702-949-7515, or directly through the online catalog.  Happy Bidding!

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VCD Auctions is the auction arm of Vegas Coin Dealer, a leading coin firm specializing in high-end Certified Numismatics as an alternative asset class. Auctions will be focused, with small lot counts targeting numismatics, vintage/rare bars and more.

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