Movie Prop Spectacular Bill Terezakis Estate / WCT Productions –  May 8th, 2022

Direct Liquidation is excited to present an incredible collection of auction props from over 150 big box movies and tv series.   Bidders can find items from such properties as Peter Pan, Planet of the Apes, Twilight Zone, Resident Alien, Reaper, Freddy and so much more.  There are props, original molds, animal and body parts, and many incredible collectibles.   The auctioneer can ship worldwide and welcomes all collectors from around the world. Absentee bidding is currently open and live bidding kicks off on Sunday May 8th , 2022 at 10am Pacific Time.

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Some of the highlights of this sale include:

Lot 4 – GREY ALIEN from the TWILIGHT ZONE Episodes “To Serve Man” – made as a pullover mask

Lot 12 – NECK STRETCHING ASIAN ALIEN with moving robotic parts from “Twilight Zone” – needs compressor to str

Lot 57 – “Trick Or Treat” – “Sam Head”

Lot 118 – FREDDY vs JASON – Freddy Kruger Silicone On Foam Head Bust # 266

Lot 150 –  Caesar – Rise of the Planet of the Apes – full body mold & feet mold

Lot 181 – “Reaper” Suit with wings & Box of accessories

Lot 204C – “Percy Jackson” – “Tyson” display piece

Lot 350 – “Altered Carbon” – Actor “Michael Eklund”

Lot 567 – “Tomorrowland” – Athena” Head

Lot 658 – Display piece of “Sam” From “Trick Or Treat”

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If you need assistance call 888 533 3897 to have all your questions answered about the items!  You can also email them at  Local pickup is also available!

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