Spooktacular Auction On Oct 29th To Nov 2nd: Americana, Mining, Numismatics, & More!

Holabird Western Americana is working overtime in preparation for their annual Spooktacular Auction!  Over 3600 lots are set up for auction over 5 days of bidding. They continue to get in marvelous collections of Americana from all over the country. This sale features some amazing one of a kind rarities, and also brings to market several long awaited collections.

Perhaps the top item in the sale is the Pierce Powell copy of the all-time #1 “psychedelic” rock n roll poster, the Charlatans at the Red Dog Saloon, Virginia City. Long on display in his personal home, Powell’s personal copy of this historic event is now offered. Holabird were unable to verify if this is the only copy, or one of two known. Regardless, if you are a rock n roll collector, it is the all-time #1 poster!

The auction features the collections of Ken Prag, Salvatore Falcone and John Reynolds.

In the words of the auctioneer:

“Folks have been asking for a couple years now when we were going to get to the Ken Prag Industrial, Banking and Commercial collections to market. The answer is “NOW.” Perhaps the brewing collection is some of the best in the current sale, which is spread out over the next two sales. As we sort through the massive collection, I’ve seen the turnpike material (early 1800s), banking, foods, industrials, oils, and so much more, including some fabulous autographed material. It will take at least a year to sell this portion of the collection. And there’s more… we are now starting to organize and sell his massive postcard  and stereo view collections. Previously we sold Alaska, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado collections. Now its time for California and rarities from other areas of post card collecting.  You’ll see some of the best and most beautiful post cards ever printed in this and coming sales, particularly the European art cards, “poster” cards of the PPIE which are unarguably some of the most beautiful cards ever printed, and more.”

The Salvatore Falcone Collection of Californiana is a true treasure. Historical photographs of all sorts are a big focus, and include some great rarities, including some key out-of-state pieces, such as Alaska. Medals, and ephemera round out more than 100 lots of key collectibles.

John Reynolds’ collections included more rarities from his Central California collection, as well as his military token collection.

The auction continues with massive holdings from the Benjamin Fauver collections of counters and tokens. This large group centers on foreign counters and early foreign tokens, some dating back to the 1500s.

And, don’t miss the marble collection, large numismatic offerings, historical Hawaii material, rare mining and other maps, gold specimens, Civil war material, stamp collections, western art and so much more.

Holabird are your source for selling Americana at the best prices obtainable, having sold more than any other company in the past decade alone. They plan on having their entire sales database online soon at no cost – nearly 200,000 lots of Americana sold since 2014.!

Here is the auction schedule:

Day 1  (Thur, Oct 29)   Lots 1000-1679

Art (1000-1125)

Native Americana (1126-1196)

Textiles (1197-1233)

Foreign Collectibles (1234-1267)            

General Collectibles (1268-1307)           

Collector Spoons (1308-1315) 

Jewelry (1316-1351)     

Scales (1352-1353)        

Advertising/Signs (1354-1369)

Furnishings & 3D Items (1370-1424)     

Music (1425-1429)

Theatre (1430-1456)

Sports (1457-1468)

Tobacciana (1469-1472)              

Saloon (1473-1478)

Cowboy (1479-1484)

Comic Books (1485-1491)

Books & Magazines (1492-1520)

Antiquarian Books (1521-1539)

Bottles (1540-1627)

Marbles (1603-1668)

Gaming (1669-1679)

Day 2  (Fri, Oct 30)   Lots 2000-2762

Firefighting Memorabilia (2000-2078)

Fraternal Organizations (2079-2080)

Badges (2082-2174) (Also see badges on day 5!)

Numismatics (2175-2295)

Bullion (2175)

Ingots (2176-2178)

Coins (2179-2225)

Currency (2227-2240)

Dies & Hobbs (2241-2249)

Ephemera & Exonumia (2250-2259)

Medals (2260-2281)

So-Called Dollars (2282-2295)

Tokens (2296-2762)

Day 3  (Sat, Oct 31)   Lots 3000-3685

Transportation (3000-3034)

Stocks & Bonds (3035-3498)

Minerals (3489-3495)

Mining (3496-3557)

Tools (3558-3566)

Firearms (3567-3584)

Political (3585-3603)

World’s Fairs (3604-3619)

Military (3620-3685)

Day 4  (Sun, Nov 1)   Lots 4000-4712

General Americana Geo. Sorted AZ-WY (4000-4103)                 

Maps (4104-4124)

Photographs (4125-4209)


Wells Fargo (4363-4382)

Bargains & Dealer Specials Part I (4383-4712)                

Day 5  (Mon, Nov 2)   Lots 5000-5798

Bargains & Dealer Specials Part II

Art (5000-5093)

Native Americana (5094-5113)

Firearms/Weaponry (5114-5116)

Badges (5117-5124)

Foreign Collectibles (5125-5139)

Textiles (5140-5145)

Furnishings & 3D Items (5146-5162)

General Americana Ephemera & Collectibles (5163-5249)

Hollywood/Theatre (5450-5260)

Music (5261-5272)

Cowboy/Saloon/Tobacco (5272-5281)

Bottles (5288-5304)

Gaming (5305-5312)

Jewelry (5313-5322)

General Americana Geographically Sorted (5323-5416)

Political (5417-5420)

Postcards (5421-5428)

Wells Fargo (5429-5433)

World’s Fairs (5434-5437)

Sports (5438-5470)

Military (5471-5494)

Mining (5495-5556)

Stocks & Bonds (5558-5796)

Transportation (5770-5798)

The company hopes that you enjoy their catalog! The team has taken many careful hours procuring, researching, professionally photographing, and preparing these amazing pieces for you to enjoy.  Please contact them at info@fhwac.com or 775-851-1859 for anything you need from questions on this auction to consignments for future auctions.

Happy Bidding!

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