Western Americana at the heart of upcoming antiques auction

The North American Auction Company, based in Bozeman, Mont., will be presenting a western antiques auction on Jan. 18 where bidders can bring home hundreds of outstanding items of Western Americana.

From firearms to art to furniture and beyond, the inventory at the Jan. 18 auction will run the gamut of collectibles from the American West. And while many people who are interested in these items will be making their way to the premises of NAAC, those who can't be there in person will want to go to iCollector.com to check out all 341 lots and bid remotely on their favorites.

Firearms auction
Several Winchester rifles from the 19th century will be among the most sought-after lots on Jan. 18. There is a model from 1866 – a 44 Henry repeating rifle (lot #167) – an 1892 trapper carbine (lot #142), a saddle ring carbine from 1873 (lot #165) and a lever-action model from 1893 (lot #141).

More modern weapons include an H & K assault rifle (lot #114) and an exquisite World War II-era .30-caliber carbine rifle that was produced by IBM (lot #102).

Collectibles auction
Several pieces of curia will also be among the upcoming auction's highlights. A beautiful Hamley Saddle made in 1912 (lot #224) is of particular interest, as is a railroad commission map of Montana that was drafted in 1915 (lot #124).

A full-mount black wolf (lot #148) is one of the most eye-catching lots that will be on the block. And a Montana cinnamon blonde black bear rug (lot #146) would make an attractive addition to many people's living rooms.

As for rare antique items, two silver cross necklaces made by Jonathan Tyler of the Montreal Hudson Bay Fur Co. in the early 19th century (lots #179 and 180) are particularly fetching.

American Indian art auction
A turn of the century Lakota Sioux ghost dance doll (lot #172) provides a window into the culture of one of the most famous tribes in American history. There are also several portrait prints of Native Americans painted by E.S. Paxson (lots #16, 17 and 18) that feature remarkable likenesses of some of the leaders of various tribes that once dominated America's West.

This eclectic collection will only be available in Bozeman, Mont., and on iCollector.com, which is the Internet's greatest outlet for art, weapons, memorabilia, antiques and collectibles of all kinds.

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