“That’s From Disneyland” – An Auction Featuring The Collection of Richard Kraft – From Van Eaton Galleries August 25th and 26th

Van Eaton Galleries is ecstatic to present “That’s from Disneyland”…an incredible two day auction featuring the collection of Richard Kraft, mega collector and Disneyland enthusiast. Featuring original pre-1955 concept art, ride vehicles, props, attraction posters, paper goods, toys and more. This auction represents one of the largest collections of its kind in the world. Housed at an abandoned sporting goods store in Sherman Oaks, this is a free pop-up Exhibition from August 1st through the 24th, with the live auction scheduled for the 25th and 26th of August 2018! Special events and concerts are scheduled throughout the month. This is an event not to be missed!

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The WOW FACTOR is presented beautifully at Lot 116 on the first day of the auction. This is an incredible neon letter “D” from the iconic Disneyland Hotel. The full catalog description is as follows:

“(Disneyland, 1963) An incredible neon “D” which was prominently displayed over the Disneyland Hotel’s “Tower Building” which would later be renamed the “Sierra” tower. From 1963 until 1999, this large neon “D” was displayed over the Disneyland Hotel and was visible by countless Disneyland guests as they exited the park at night. The Tower Building was constructed in 1962, and the “Disneyland Hotel” red neon letters were added in 1963. The Tower Building featured a glass elevator on the exterior that caused spacing issues for the neon sign. As such, this sign read “Hotel Disneyland” until the building expanded in 1966 and the words could be arranged to the correct “Disneyland Hotel” position. This neon “D” is one of the most iconic elements from the golden age of the Disneyland Hotel, and also serves as an early Disneyland landmark. This neon letter is constructed in its original metal frame, and has had its red neon professionally restored to working condition. This incredible artifact measures approximately 16ft tall, 9ft wide, and 4in deep. The condition is very good, with some expected wear to the frame during the sign’s removal from the hotel. Special shipping arrangements will apply. Please inquire before bidding.”

The most valuable piece of the first day of the auction is an original Global Van Lines Moving Truck hitting the auction block at Lot 202. As described:

“(Disneyland, c.1963-79) This is the original Global Van Lines moving truck from the Global Van Lines building at Disneyland. The Global Van Lines moving truck was a Main Street landmark, with its likeness appearing in Disneyland postcards, toys, and countless photos and home videos as a popular photo location. This early Disneyland vehicle was built by famed Imagineer Bob Gurr in the early 1960s and was operable during its first few years before being modified to a static display vehicle around the mid-1970s. After Global Van Lines ended its Disneyland sponsorship in 1979, this vehicle left the park and was later sold. This vehicle has been faithfully restored with the help of Bob Gurr to its original functioning, museum quality condition. The truck’s C-cab body is original, and has been restored back to its functioning condition. The chassis was created by modifying a Model-A Ford to resemble the chassis of the early 1900’s. The wheels are from a vintage Model-T Ford fire chief car from the early 1900s, and the engine and forward part of the chassis are from a 1928 Ford Sedan. The motor is a four cylinder “flathead” Ford, and the radiator, hood, and windshield frame are 1914 reproductions. The blue paint was matched from the original truck body paint, and the seat and signage were reproduced from vintage Disneyland photos. The vehicle measures 189″ long, 70″ wide, and 86″ tall, and is in very fine condition. This item will require special shipping arrangements, please contact us for inquiries and estimates.”

The second day offers up one of the greatest auction pieces of the year. Lot 621 is an attraction vehicle from “Dumbo The Flying Elephant”. Bidding is opening at $100,000 on this iconic treasure and the auctioneer describes it is:

“(Disneyland, 1960s) Few of Disneyland’s attractions represent the whimsy and magic of the park as well as Fantasyland’s “Dumbo the Flying Elephant” attraction. As one of the few remaining opening year attractions, these large Dumbo vehicles have been a memorable part of the Disneyland experience for over 60 years. For Disneyland’s first few years, the Dumbo vehicles were designed with hinged ears that could move up and down. However, mechanical issues often rendered the ears immobile, and beginning in the mid-1960s, the vehicles were designed with stationary ears. This vehicle measures approximately 5ft long, 12ft wide, and 5.75ft tall. The paint has been lovingly restored to match the memorable pink and grey colors, and the vehicle is in excellent condition with minor dings and scratches. This item will require special shipping arrangements.”

Also, on August 26th, are FOUR original Haunted Mansion stretching portraits. These are some of the most chased pieces in Disney history and Van Eaton galleries have four up for grabs in the auction. They are listed in Lots 514, 515, 516, and 517 with opening bids of only $40,000. These rare portraits are cornerstones of some of the best Disney collections in the world and are going to lead to exciting bidding action.

The entire catalog can be browsed online at anytime through iCollector.com to see all the photos, descriptions, and estimates. The auction will commence live at 11 AM Pacific time on both August 25th and 26th, with a live broadcast, and anyone not able to bid live is encouraged to leave their best bids in the iCollector.com system at anytime before auction day. Van Eaton Galleries are the greatest auctioneer of Disneyland memorabilia in the world, and this auction continues to raise their reputation and prestige in the industry. Any questions can be answered by them through email or telephone and their expertise will guide all collectors to finding their treasures.

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