House of Treasures Presents a Selection of Bronze Sculptures on October 14th is hosting a great selection of Bronze Sculptures from Virginia auctioneer, House of Treasures. Carefully selected pieces are up for bidding until the auction closes on October 14th, 2017. High bidder takes home their treasure as all start prices will meet reserves. This is a timed auction that accepts bids right up until 11 PM Eastern Time.

Lot 71Y presents a beautiful American Eagle on a Tree Branch. This 100% bronze sculpture is described as follows in the online catalog:

“The full bodied bird lands on a tree branch after a long flight away from the cold, stormy winters. This bird perches high up to see the vast land below. The feathers on the sculpture exhibit significant detail done by the artist. It is a beautiful depiction of the natural world. This sculpture rests on a black marble base. It was designed using the lost wax method. Bronze dimensions with marble base: Height 2 X Width 12 inches. Weight: 13 lbs. Please Note: This is a reproduced bronze sculpture from the original molded and signed. This featured bronze sculpture is a recast after the original, and has been done recently. This 100% bronze sculpture is an abstract piece certain to be a conversation piece.”

A beautiful bronze of a Horse is up for grabs at Lot 57646M. The full description is:

“This is an adorable collectors Sculpture of a colt. He watches attentively at something to his left and stands square. Its eyes are large and his face and body are intricately detailed in a perfect depiction of this amazing animal, down to the muscle structure, nostrils and ears. But the most striking mimic of a cult is this sculptures amazing patina. The mane and tail are both a brilliant gold, the body is a two tone brown, darker in the crevasses, and the legs from the knee to ankle a lustrous silver. He is a beautifully accurate sculpture that would be appreciated by any horse lover for many years to come and using the ancient Lost Wax Method?. Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base: Height 16 X Width 12 inchjes. Weight: 12 LBS.”

House of Treasures are presenting a great series of auctions throughout the month of October. This one is a great highlight of bronze sculptures and has a full array of photos for inspections. With low opening bids and guaranteed sale to the winner, this is certainly the kind of auction that sees a complete sell through. Registration is simple and bid can be places any time up until the closing time at 11PM Eastern Time on Ocober 14th, 2017. The auctioneer will be happy to answer any questions via email or telephone accessible in the online catalog.

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