Horror and Sci-fi memorabilia among the highlights of Sept. 14 auction

What better way to celebrate a weekend that kicks off with Friday the 13th than to check out a movie memorabilia auction featuring props and costumes from some of Hollywood's most enduring horror films?

This Saturday, Sept. 14, PROPDOMAIN will be hosting its 13th annual big auction in Granada Hills, Calif., which will also be hosted online at iCollector.com. With items from the 10th "Friday the 13th" movie, several installments of the "Child's Play" franchise and props from "Critters" 3 and 4, the classic horror props and costumes available actually make up just a portion of the more than 200 Hollywood collectibles up for auction.

"Star Trek" movie and TV props and costumes
Trekkies looking for collectors' items or the perfect outfit to wear to the next convention need look no further than the Sept. 14 auction. Multiple movie- and TV-worn Borg costumes from "Star Trek: First Contact" and "Star Trek: The Next Generation" can be bid on over the weekend, along with a cast jacket from the first season of "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine."

While "Star Trek" collectibles are always big items out on the auction and trading markets, these screen-used gems are rare specimens. Fans of the Borg storyline, whether it was from their multiple appearances in the TNG franchise – most notably in the two-part episode "The Best of Both Worlds" – or their star turn as the villains in "First Contact," will be clamoring to get their hands on these authentic costumes.

Pirates of the Caribbean
One of the most commercially successful movie franchise of all-time, the "Pirates of the Caribbean" films have captivated audiences worldwide for more than 10 years. Having grossed approximately $3.7 billion over the course of four releases, the series' props and costumes are among the most desirable items of movie memorabilia for sale anywhere.

The Pirates movies will be well represented at the PROPDOMAIN auction, with the pirate corpse that was seen at the beginning of the "Dead Man's Chest" entry among several of the costumes and props available from that second film in the series.

"B" horror movies
B-level horror movies have always been a staple of Hollywood, meaning they are also a staple of Hollywood memorabilia auctions. On Sept. 14, dozens of items from the genre will be up for auction, including an animatronic dinosaur puppet that was used in "Carnosaur" 1 and 2, a silicon head and bust that was used in "Species 3" and a body from the cult horror classic "Hatchet."

iCollector gives movie buffs and Hollywood aficionados an outlet to indulge all of their movie prop and costume desires.

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