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Gold Coins, Toy Trains, and Antique Firearms Highlight a Diverse Auction With One Dollar Start Prices, powered by the Live Auction Group, is pleased to announce the upcoming auction from one of their newest partners, Government Auction. On July 26th, 2014 Government Auction will be featuring a large collection of gold coins, diamond jewelry, antique firearms, and a multitude of luxury goods available for premium online bidding through This auction features the exciting prospect of One Dollar start prices which is sure to attract worldwide attention. Interested bidders from around the world can register simply and quickly at Create an account in a minute or sign in directly with a Facebook account.

This auction has an extensive package of interesting items. There is a coin listed in the online catalog at lot 42 that is a highly sought after piece for collectors and investors. This piece is a 1898 $20 US Liberty Head Gold Coin. This is also referred to as the respected “Double Eagle” coin and was minted from 1850 to 1907 during the height of the California Gold Rush. The Double Eagle had the highest gold content of coins minted in that era with almost one full ounce of pure gold. Designed by James B Longacre, the coin weights 33.43 grams and is composed of 90% gold and 10% copper. With a grading of PCGS AU58 this coin is sure to attract a lot of interest. Bidders can view this coin and other gold coins conveniently by browsing the online catalog.

In addition to beautiful gold coins, this auction also has high quality collectible trains. As stated by chief auctioneer Paul Sabesky, “Lionel Trains are a collectible item in high demand that is sure to be popular with antique collectors and train enthusiasts alike”. The two up for offer in this auction have excellent craftsmanship and pure nostalgia for the interested collector. An early toy train is the Lionel Pre-War 259E Gunmetal Nickel O Gauge Loco. This train is a beauty and the Lionel logo prominently featured and retains the look of the old fashioned loco motives. This can be found at Lot 271 in the online catalog. Also for auction, early in the sale at lot 62, is a Lionel Pre-War #1668E Locomotive & Tender Gunmetal. This train features the torpedo style and comes with it’s tender. Both these trains were produced in the Prewar Era 1900-1942.

Two more pieces stand out in this fabulous auction. First, is a beautiful Tennis Bracelet which starts off in the first few minutes of the sale at Lot 5. It is composed of thirty eight round cut brilliant diamonds sent in a seven inch ribbon of 14k white gold. This is 9.67CT and with a one dollar start price is expected to generate significant activity. Also, for antique firearm collectors, the auction has an 1888 Forehand Arms Co 38 Short Revolver. Bidders can find this exceptional piece at lot 433. is pleased to have Government Auction join their exciting list of quality auctioneers. With such a diverse selection of material, they will deliver exceptional value to collectors in many categories. Registration is simple, quick, and easy only at

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