Enormous collection of rare and antique firearms to be auctioned

If you're looking for antique and collectible firearms, there may be no better place to find them than at the Extraordinary and Historic Firearms Auction at James D. Julia, Inc. in Fairfield, Maine. The three session auction, which runs from Oct. 14-16, will also take place online at iCollector.com for those gun enthusiasts who aren't able to make it all the way up to the Pine Tree State.

Huge selection
With nearly 2,000 different firearms and firearms accessories up for bid, the James D. Julia auction will have one of the most extensive inventories you're ever likely to find. There will be so many rare and historic pieces – like the 1873 Winchester lever-action rifle (lot #1104) that was one of only 1,000 ever produced – that it might be hard to figure out a plan of action as you sift through the voluminous offerings.

Breathtaking craftsmanship
Many of the items available transcend the term "gun," instead being more aptly described as works of art. The Volcanic Arms Navy-size lever-action pistol manufactured in the mid-1850s (lot #1080) is one of those pieces. Its walnut grips and near-new condition highlight the exquisite craftsmanship that went into making the firearm, and help to further enhance its already startling beauty.

A Manceau A' Lyon 8-Bore Double Rifle with extra shotgun barrels and brass (lot #1199) is yet another gorgeous piece up for grabs. It stands out not only for the obvious care and precision that went into its production, but for the portrait of a lion's head engraved on top of the action and the gold-inlaid lockplates.

Resting in its original case, the 1927 James Purdey sidelock (lot #1226), single trigger light game gun is yet another example of how firearms are more than just weapons. The rose-bouquet highlights and scroll work featured throughout the rifle's metalwork speak to its designer and producer's attention to detail and desire to craft a weapon that would be able to stand up to the test of time, as it has.

Distinctive Brownings
Browning Firearms has been known almost since its inception as one of the finest gunsmith companies in the world, and the early examples of its work on display at the October auction do nothing to damage that reputation. Quite the opposite, in fact, since, once you lay eyes on some these unique pieces you will be hard-pressed to turn away without placing a bid.

The Special-Grade bolt-action rifle with scrolled engravings of mythological griffins on the slide by legendary engraver Felix Funken (lot #1336), the labyrinthine-designed exhibition-grade skeet gun (lot #1359) and the 20-gauge Belgian Browning Midas-grade with its original box (lot #1360), are just a few of the impressive works by that august manufacturer.

Whether you're a fan of gun auctions or art auctions, the October event will suit your tastes.Far from simply a showcase of violent weapons, it is a rare display of some of the most fascinating and unique works of art in the world, and it will all take place on iCollector.com.

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