Don’t miss out on the Jan. 8 American Indian art auction

​RG Munn Auctions in Mayhill, N.M., is the place to be this Jan. 8 for anyone who has a deep and abiding interest in American Indian art. More than 200 examples of American Indian textiles, pottery, painting and jewelry will be on the block when the auction kicks off, and bidders will be eagerly trying to outdo one another to get their hands on some of this merchandise.

For those who aren't able to make it to New Mexico on Jan. 8, will be holding a partnering online auction where every item will be available.

Art auction
From painting to pottery to textiles, the RG Munn American Indian art auction has it all. With so many impressive items available, it's hard to focus in on just a few items. Nonetheless, a 46-by-43-inch Navajo sand painting textile (lot #200) certainly stands out as being a particularly eye-catching piece, as does a pictorial-style Navajo textile work (lot #118) that depicts Native American life in the Old West.

Appreciators of American Indian painting will have plenty to choose from as well. A gorgeous, pre-World War II watercolor signed by Julian Martinez (lot #217) is quite fetching. And two Raphael Medina watercolors produced in 1968 (lots #165 and 166) show an American Indian in full headdress engaging in a ritual.

Jewelry auction
Jewelry is almost always at the center of American Indian art, and the Jan. 8 auction will be no exception. Several Navajo pieces showing off the tribe's exquisite use of turquoise will be on the block, including a sterling silver bracelet (lot #223), a gorgeous bolo tie (lot #6) and a decorative katoh (lot #189).

Going beyond the turquoise pieces, there is a lapus azul Pueblo necklace (lot #22) that is guaranteed to turn heads, and two ivory necklaces that (lot #1) that would make an elegant complement to almost any outfit.

Pottery auction
While the more artistic items may be the headline grabbers in New Mexico, the pottery, both old and new, is also especially distinctive. From a prehistoric Anasazi ladle (lot #194), to a collection of eight Eskimo ivory items (lot #208), to a Cochiti pottery figure (lot #183) and beyond, there will be enough available to make even the most discerning collector of American Indian art and history happy. is the online auction marketplace for people to find all of their collectible desires, including the magnificent pieces of American Indian art that will be for sale on Jan. 8.

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