Celebrate the holidays with rare gems, jewelry and numismatics

Anyone who is looking to find that last minute Christmas gift for a loved one will want to check out the coins, currency, gems and jewelry auction at Universal Live in Wheeling, Ill., on Dec. 27.

Just because the auction takes place two days after Christmas doesn't mean it will be too late to stock up on some impressive stocking stuffers, or simply add beautiful pieces and sound investments to an already well-stocked personal collection. For those who can't make it to Illinois, though, iCollector.com will be hosting an accompanying online auction where bidders can take home any of the more than 300 items that will be on the block.

Coin auction
The Dec. 27 auction will be offering up an interesting assortment of coins for all of the numismatists out there. Two different unopened rolls of coins – a mint box of 40 mixed dollar coins (lot #840092) and 50 bank-wrapped rolls of Kennedy half-dollars (lot #840059) – will provide coin collectors with hours of enjoyment as they search through the boxes looking for the rare gems possibly hidden inside.

Jewelry auction
If jewelry is on the holiday wish list of a loved one, there will be plenty of opportunity to pick up the perfect piece. A 14-karat gold Elgin pocket watch, manufactured in 1884 (lot #840228), is one of the most breathtaking timepieces that is likely to be found at any auction.

However, for those looking for more traditional pieces of jewelry, there are several lovely necklaces featuring brilliant gemstones. A 36-carat blue sapphire heart-shaped necklace (lot #840085) is sure to please, as is a 33-carat bright pink topaz number (lot #840291) that would look immaculate around the neck of any appreciator of fine jewelry.

Gem auction
There will also be plenty of fine gems available come Dec. 27. A brilliant 16-carat, multi-colored mystic quartz (lot #840196) is particularly appealing, or there's a rare blood red ruby center stone that would make any gem collector's eyes gleam.

The highlight of Universal Live's gem inventory might be the rare, 688-carat museum-size emerald (lot #840104). It's the kind of stone that isn't often offered for sale anywhere, let alone at auction, so bidders with a keen appreciation for gems will certainly want to take a close look at this particular lot.

With more than 300 lots up for grabs on Dec. 27, the Universal Live auction promises to be a fun and exciting way to spruce up the holiday season. And iCollector.com gives interested parties the chance to bid on these magnificent items from the comfort of their own home.

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