An auction from Captain's Auction Warehouse will feature vintage pinball, arcade and coin-operated games.

Auction to Feature Arcade, Pinball and Vintage Coin-Operated Games

If you're looking for the perfect addition to your game room or recreation space, then these lots may be what you're looking for. Captain's Auction Warehouse will be sponsoring a collectibles auction event featuring lots including classic arcade games, vintage coin-operated games and pinball machines. Several notable pieces include  the classic Atari racing game, "Rush 2049," the boat racing game "Hydro Thunder," and a "Street Fighter II" pinball machine.The auction will take place in Anaheim, California, but will be completely accessible to remote bidders online. Log on to to bid on your favorite classic games and find the perfect piece for your home!

San Francisco Rush 2049 by Atari (lot #8)
This classic racing game from Atari would make look wonderfully at home in the home of any fan of racing games. It features the classic Atari racing steering wheel with force feedback that reacts to gameplay, as well as a four-position manual shifter. San Francisco Rush 2049 was only the third entry into the widely successful 'Rush' racing game franchise, under which Atari released 87 different arcade configurations beginning in 1984. This specific production features futuristic race tracks set in the Bay Area of California. The game also features five-channel audio to ensure full user immersion in the driving experience.

Hydro Thunder by Midway (lot #25)
One of Midway Games' most celebrated releases, Hydro Thunder provides a nautical racing experience in which the user pilots a high-powered speedboat through a series of daunting race courses. The game is played upright, and features a steering wheel and throttle with a 'boost' option. Hydro Thunder is known for its detailed and varied levels of play, which include channels in the Pacific Ocean, the arctic and even a ship graveyard. The Video Arcade Preservation Society has rated this set a 7/100 for rareness, with 1 being most uncommonly seem.

Street Fighter II Pinball Machine by Premier/Gottlieb (lot #205)
Street Fighter II is a highly celebrated collectible pinball machine. Originally produced by Premier/Gottlieb in 1993, this machine was a favorite in arcades across the nation. As time has progressed, Street Fighter II pinball machines have become extremely rare, ranking as a 0/100 on the Video Arcade Preservation Society scale. This unit shows some light wear from commercial use, but offers an authentic and enjoyable touch to any collection and is sure to be appreciated by the true pinball aficionado.

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