Art, jewelry, antiques and collectibles to go up for auction

The upcoming All Day, All Night Auction at Dynasty Auctions in Wheeling, Ill., promises to offer collectors one of the widest and most exciting inventories of art, coins, jewelry, toys, antiques and collectibles imaginable.

Set to take place on Nov. 14, both live and online at, the event provides the opportunity to make many people's dreams come true, with items ranging from Leroy Neiman-signed works of art to glittering emeralds to antique revolvers and beyond. And many of these items simply can't be found anywhere else.

Sports art auction
Sports fans probably won't be able to get enough of many of the lots up for bid on Nov. 16. The aforementioned Leroy Neiman work, signed by the artist himself, is a gorgeous portrait of Johnny Bench (lot #760351), one of the greatest catchers in major league baseball history.

But that's not all as far as sports paintings go. There are also two original works by Chicago artist William Chambers of famous tennis stars. One shows Hall of Famer Jimmy Connors kneeling in intense concentration as he prepares for a backhand shot (lot #760509). The other is of cultural icon and tennis great Billie Jean King in mid-lunge, as she reaches out to save a point (lot #760016).

Gun auction
Several rare pistols are also among the items on the block. A unique Smith & Wesson model with an accompanying leather holster (lot #760460) is one of the more stunning examples of classic firearm craftsmanship. And an incredibly hard-to-find My Friend Knuckle Buster that was manufactured in the 1870s (lot #760104) will also be available for the astute gun collectors in the live or online audience.

Finally, an antique, one-of-a-kind, nickel-plated pistol with a wood handle, which is believed to be from the late 19th century (lot #760185), will certainly catch a firearms enthusiast's eye.

Gems, jewelry and world coins
A veritable treasure chest of sparkling sapphires, emeralds and rubies is guaranteed to make heads spin, with their noticeable brilliance and almost ethereal beauty. A 149-carat, oval-cut blood red ruby (lot #760219) is just one of the gems that stands out.

The ruby is the kind of precious stone that might go well with an electric fire-red topaz pendant necklace (lot #760520) of the kind that will also be on the docket Nov. 16.

There will also be fine examples of exquisite coins from all over the globe, including the U.S., Poland and Cook Island, making this a plethora of goods that can only be found on

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