Amazing collection of rare and exciting numismatics to hit the block

The Canadian Numismatic Company, located in Quebec, has a reputation for regularly offering some of the most interesting collections of coins and paper money in the auction world. On Jan. 31, that tradition will continue with the 2014 Winter Sale.

More than 450 lots are set to go on the block, including some of the most valuable and attractive numismatists are likely to come across in their quest to build the perfect personal collection. Many of the items also represent exciting investment opportunities, as they promise to continue to be in high demand for years to come. And for those who can't make it Quebec for the auction, there will be a concurrent online auction taking place at

Rare coins auction
Coin collecting is often at its most enjoyable when incredibly rare examples are at hand. The Winter Sale will have plenty of those available, especially older coins that haven't been in production for more than a century.

A Canadian 50-cent piece that was minted in 1872 (lot #360) is one of the most desirable items among the Jan. 31 inventory. Its lustrous shine and popularity with collectors make it a coin that is likely to draw a lot of attention during the auction.

For those who appreciate even older coins, there will be a Canadian 1858 20-cent piece (lot #299) that retains its pristine red and blue hue with a heavy cameo contrast, as well as an 1859 1-cent coin featuring the profile of Queen Victoria and an eye-catching copper sheen (lot #139).

Paper money
Canadian money is especially notable for its beauty and intricate detail, especially relative to the country's southern neighbor. That attractiveness is in particular display on the 1878 $1 bill (lot #41) that will be up for bid. A 1935 $5 bill issued by the Bank of Canada (lot #53) is another especially gorgeous piece of currency, with its bright orange and red coloring. It's also notable for featuring a portrait of Edward VIII, who was forced to abdicate the throne in 1936 due to his affair with American divorcee Wallis Simpson.

Foreign currency
While Canadian money makes up a large proportion of the auction's inventory, there will also be several items from around the globe, including $500 bill produced in Hong Kong in 1961 (lot #1) and a New Zealand Florin from 1936 (lot #2).

For anyone who can't make it to the Jan. 31 auction in Quebec, be sure to check out to browse through this remarkable collection and pick out lots to bid on once the auction gets underway.

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