24 Hour Auction of Fine Autographs, Sports Cards, and Collectibles Up for Viewing on December 29th

Pristine Auction has prepared as special one-day auction on December 29th, 2015. This features 26 lots of all kinds of autographs and memorabilia, sports card and collectibles; all carefully selected for a day of bidding. All items will be opening at $1 with no reserves. The entire catalog is available for viewing now, and bidders may contact the auctioneer to place absentee bids directly.

A pair of cels from Disney Animation are up for grabs. First at Lot 2, is an animation serigraph cel from Walt Disney’s Cinderella. This piece is a clear sericel photographed on a white background. At Lot 3 is an animation serigraph cel from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. This one also is a clear sericel photographed on a white background. Both cels measure 13 ¾” by 10” and are limited edition. They also both have an authentication seal from Walt Disney in the lower right corner.

Collectors of boxing related autographs are going to be interested in this auction catalog. The first lot in the auction, Lot 1, is an 8×10 photo of Mohammed Ali and Sonny Liston that is signed by famous boxer Earnie Shavers. There is an inscription from Mr. Shavers that says “Ali said, Shavers hit me so hard, it shook my kin folk in Africa”. Shavers was considered one of the hardest punchers in boxing history and challenged Ali for the title in 1977. There is an authentication hologram included. At Lot number 8, bidders can get their hands on a signed boxing glove from Mr. Shavers. It also includes the same inscription that is on the photograph, and also has an authentication hologram included. And, at Lot 11, there is a replica fight poster signed by Shavers that is for his championship fight with Ali in 1977.

Also included in the auction are signed sports collectibles with names such as Joe Montana, Dwight Clark, Dan Hampton, Tony Perez, Magic Johnson, Ken Stabler, and Pete Rose. There is a beautiful Mike Tyson print signed by the artist showing at Lot 15. And, the auction day closes out at Lot 26 with a Spiderman poster signed by Mr. Stan Lee himself.

All items have photos and descriptions available for browsing online. Bids open at $1 and there is no reserves; everything must sell. Bidders can contact Pristine auctions to discuss the items and place their bids. The auction will close on December 29th, 2015.

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